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5 least used potions in Minecraft

Potions in Minecraft are special magical liquids. It is meant to help players in multiple scenarios while surviving. Some of them affect the players positively, and some have a negative effect for the players to throw against their opposition, be it the crowd or the players.

Even though all of these help players in some way or the other, some are used less than others. In total, there are 15 different types of fluid in the game, all of which give players a variety of status effects for a brief moment.

The brewing game has an elaborate system that requires a different set of items. These fluids can be further improved by increasing the duration and strengthening their effect.

Potion of slowness

While this is an excellent option if players are being chased by mobs or players and want to avoid them, it slows the opposition down to 85% speed. If players upgrade Liquid, it can even slow them down by 40%. However, it is less used than other negative medicines like harm or weakness.

Potion of swiftness

It is also less used than the others because it gives players the ability to walk or run faster. Players typically use this status effect via a beacon around their base and prefer to use more health-focused potions than this. It is still a good option if players want to escape from the situation quickly.

Potion of invisibility

As the name suggests, it helps the players to completely disguise their bodies so as not to be noticed by the crowd or the players. However, it is less used because if the players wear any armor, the mob and the detection limits of the players increase significantly.

Therefore, players will have to take a great risk without wearing armor and walking among hostile hordes. There is a chance that they could detect the player, and an attack without any armor could be dangerous.

Potion of Harming

While your health regenerates, a good way to keep enemies away is by reducing their health. This is where the Potion of Harming comes in handy. Unlike many drugs, you cannot increase the duration of this drug, but you can increase its damage. The best way to use it is as a throwable splash potion. The throwable version of Harming’s potion makes it easy to deal damage to other players and entities.

You can make a damage potion by adding a fermented spider’s eye to a healing potion or a poison potion. Of these, making poison potions in Minecraft is easy. As for the Bedrock version, it seems to only work with level 2 of these potions. You can level or increase damage by adding glowstone dust to the potion using a brewing stand.

Potion of Fire Resistance

This potion is actually useful in the lowlands, which are home to a fire-based damage environment. Its use renders it immune to regular fire, lava, magma blocks, fire charges, and even fireballs.

You will still take damage from Ghost Fireballs and Blaze Touch attacks. But you can manage to stay safe from these if you keep your distance or stay under cover. Additionally, you can even better see under the lava when using this potion.

This is a relatively new potion to make, so if you don’t see it in your game, it’s time to update to Minecraft. To make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft, you’ll need to use Magma Cream. You can prepare Magma Cream using Slimeballs and Blaze Powder. Another easy way to get it is to kill magma cubes.

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