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Best Pro PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Since its launch for the mobile platform earlier this year, PUBG Mobile has been one of the most played games among smartphone users. With over 100 million downloads, it is an absolute sensation. However, it is not always an easy game to play, which is why we bring you some useful PUBG tips and tricks that will help you get chicken dinner.

Best Pro PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

The object of the game is to survive as long as the cycle of survival is limited to one person, who becomes the winner. With so much happening in the game, you should think about where to find all the useful and much needed information about the game. Well, you have come to the right place; Here are some tips and tricks to make your gameplay more competitive.

PUBG After Landing Tips

Once you’re out on the field and out in the open for your enemy, this is where most players make mistakes. However, the tips below can actually increase your chances of survival.

Do not rush and avoid initial quarrels. If you see someone already there, don’t be too quick to kill them right away. Since they started, there’s a high chance they’ve got their hands on guns in front of you.

There is a downside to having less loot in low-risk areas. In this case, don’t spare any loot and pick up whatever comes your way. Be it a pistol or a melee weapon.

look for clues. If you see a building with open doors, be careful. It’s a clue that someone may already be there.

Whenever you go to rob a building, lock the door behind you so other players don’t know you’re there and you can shoot them when they enter.

Shoot Only When Enemy Is In Range

Second, in the list of pubg mobile tips and tricks, shoot the enemy at range. If you have any experience in first person shooter gaming or have played player vs player games then you must have an idea about it.

But, if you are a beginner, this can be a useful pubg tip to have a ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. It may take a while in the beginning but once you complete it, you will be able to kill enemies in just a few shots.

Well, shotguns and SMGs are meant for close firing and when fired at long ranges it loses its effectiveness. Whereas, assault rifles like the AKM and M16, are used for both short and long range and are known to knock down enemies.

There are also some sniper rifles like kar98k, M24 and AWM which work well for long range shooting. Out of which AWM is the most powerful and best sniper rifle.

This is the most basic PUBG Mobile tip to remember. If you are out of circle or need to go somewhere fast, wheels are the best option rather than covering that distance on foot.

Vehicles in the PUBG Erangel map can be easily seen on the side of the road or in big cities like Pochinki and Mansion. But, before approaching the vehicle it is better to make sure that no one else is coming near that vehicle and you are safe.

Well if you are playing in duo mode then better you go for buggy or motorcycle. Whereas, if you are playing with a full team then you are advised to opt for a jeep, which can accommodate up to four players at a time. So, the next time before you go on a long haul, find a vehicle for yourself, if possible.

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