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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tips and tricks to make you an ace player

Krafton re-introduced PUBG Mobile as Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), the game has become a sensation in the country. Millions of players tune in to watch the BGMI esports tournament, where players struggle to earn massive cash prizes and international league opportunities.

The competitive nature of BGMI’s Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Domination and more leads to some intense matches. Like many other shooters, being a great BGMI player doesn’t have to mean landing headshots at every enemy you see. Beating some of the best BGMI players takes a lot of strategy and a balanced approach. Here are some BGMI tips and tricks on how to be a good BGMI player.

1. Engage in gunfights when you have higher chances of winning

Survival is a top priority in shooters like BGMI. You can’t win the match if your character dies during a bad push. Always keep track of how much health and armor you have and make sure your squad mates do the same.

If you won an intense firefight with a squad, you may want to take cover and heal rather than move on to another engagement. If you don’t have enough healing items for your squad, prioritize looking for bandages, medkits, and first aid kits to find more enemies and weapons.

2. Understand weapon ranges for different weapons

It is very clear that you use sniper rifle for long range, auto rifle for mid range and shotgun for short range. Your loadout should contain weapons that are designed for different ranges.

For example, if you are planning to carry an auto rifle, you should pair it with a sniper rifle to cover both long and medium ranges. Apart from this, you also need to understand in which range you can fight. For example, if you are wielding an auto rifle and shotgun, you should avoid engaging a sniper rifle with an enemy who is challenging from afar.

3. Play in Squad

Yes, going solo in a battle royale like BGMI definitely has its own thrill and challenge. But, if you aim to be a winner, this is not the kind of cool adventure you would like to experience. It will get real fast frustrating with all the more experienced players pushing their BGMI ranks at the higher levels. They will definitely do anything and everything to take you down.

On top of that, are you solo? It is incredibly difficult to win. Are you sure you can hold off against the whole team? When you think about it like that, playing in a squad is always better and better.

When you play with your friends or people with whom you are familiar to play, there is a good teamwork that ultimately leads you to victory. In return, your BGMI rank push for the winner will be out in no time! Still thinking about going solo? think again

4. Good Gun Combination & Utilities

To take more finishes and fight against enemy squads, there must be a good gun combination to fight in all ranges. Utilities like the Frag Grenade and Molotov come in handy when a squad is stressed and knocked down to deliver a full push. Smoke grenades are used to create a soft cover in open areas, either in end zones or during open combat.

5. Play with a Good Squad

Playing regularly with a good team will give good results in all matches. Good teammates will keep you from dying in the early stages of the match as well as choosing more finishes, resulting in a good point added per match.

Once reached in the Ace tier, a player can always aim to add points and reach the upcoming levels such as Ace Masters, Ace Dominator and eventual winner. However, the more points one has, the harder it becomes to win and achieve higher scores. Players must stick to their gameplay and avoid early fights, aiming for victory while achieving good finishes in all matches.

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