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top 5 best tips to safely rank up in PUBG Mobile (may 2022)

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular BRG games out there right now, thanks to its engaging gameplay and plenty of fun in-game activities. Apart from being fun, PUBG Mobile gamers try to rank fast to earn lucrative rewards.

Additionally, the higher your rank, the more professional gamers you’ll see on the battlefield. The pubg mobile game has millions of fans and players across the globe.

It has high quality visuals and exciting gameplay. The Aces and Conquerors tier is one of the game’s major leagues. Players are constantly striving to get higher ranks to improve their skills and get additional rewards.

Best time for rank push in PUBG Mobile

The winner is the highest level in PUBG Mobile, and most of the players aspire to reach it to get the winning title and other level rewards. However, players who are moving up their ranks for the first time may not understand the basics of rank push, which is discussed in this article.

1. Prefer zone over kills

It is always important to hold the safe zone. Don’t fight when you’re out of the safe zone. You can also move those forts inside the zone. If the zone is far away from your drop location, it is always better to find a vehicle to reach the zone safely.

top 5 best tips to safely rank up in PUBG Mobile (may 2022)

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Also, do not fight in open areas as you will easily get third party. Find proper cover before fighting. Here is a guide that will let you learn more about safe zones and the amount of damage each safe zone is doing.

Once you start hitting the late game, different strategies start to come into play. What should keep you alive is to play to the edge of the circle and run with it. Living on the edge means that the area you need to be aware of is greatly reduced.

You know that a large part of what’s behind you is completely safe, so all you need to know is what’s in front of you. If you are in the middle, you have to keep an eye on all sides, which is not an easy task.

2. Find like-minded teammates

Since you’ll be playing mostly with teammates, it’s always best to find the team you go to jail with. Sonic says that one of the most import

top 5 best tips to safely rank up in PUBG Mobile (may 2022)

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ant aspects of the rankings is “trying to play with players of similar mindset”. This means your teammates should have the same objective for each game – picking up XP so you can level up faster.

If a teammate wants to have fun by engaging in gun battles or chasing aerial drops and kills, they probably aren’t a good fit for your game that focuses on leveling up. Try to find players who are willing to play a little idle game and have the foresight to go for a chicken dinner.

3.  Commit to Gunfights

This is really important. If you’re the kind of person who sees your comrades under attack and decides to run away instead of helping them in battle, you’re doing it all wrong.

top 5 best tips to safely rank up in PUBG Mobile (may 2022)

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You may be used to playing alone but teamwork is the biggest strength in BGMI. You need to watch out for your teammates and instead of running away, commit to gunfights.

If you’re too short, know when to recover and try to peak again. Don’t be in a hurry to make decisions that could cost you and your team a chance to win a BattlegroundMobile India match. Sometimes, a chicken dinner just takes one shot. Committed to much needed and critical gunfights.

4.  Perfect Map

Choosing a perfect map is another smart way to rank up. Of all the BGMI maps, the largest map is Miramar with a size of 8×8. This is the favorite map of snipers but the slow pace takes you more time to finish the match.

top 5 best tips to safely rank up in PUBG Mobile (may 2022)

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This map will give you a lot of points if you can try to survive till the end and make a good amount of kills. You must get at least 4 plus kills to get high plus rank points.

If you want to get at least minus points, you should play on smaller maps like Karakin and Livik.

Erangel and Sanhok are the two most balanced maps that get both high Survival and Kill points, but you’ll get high minus points if you die too soon. In the upcoming update 1.6, Vikendi 2.0 will be back in the game.

5. Grenades, Molotovs, Flash

Another underrated aspect of goal dueling is using your throwables before the goal duel actually begins. If you can, ask your teammate to set you up with a flash, allowing you to run into a complete-blind opponent to make the fight easier.

top 5 best tips to safely rank up in PUBG Mobile (may 2022)

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If you know where the enemy is, you can dodge the Molotovs into their positions to take them out. Plus, that Molotov would do some extra damage before he had a chance to fire back.

At low levels of matchmaking, simple plays where you throw a flash to clear an area for a teammate are really effective. Not only to take map control but also to get kills.

If you and your teammates must spend a little time learning the basic Flash lineup, you’re sure to not only get more easy kills, but also annoy your opponents enough that they don’t have a chance to fight back.

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In this tips, I will tell you how you can increase the level quickly in Pubg mobile.
1. Complete your Challenges and Missions.
2. Stick to the Classic Matches.
3. Survive as Long as You can.
4. Find teammates that help You in the game.
5. Keep Healing.

Pubg mobile is one of the best e-sports that is entertaining millions of global players.
1. Livik
3. Miramar
4. Sanhok
5. Vikendi