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top 10 Tips and Tricks to Mastering PUBG

There are few games that can beat PUBG Mobile in terms of popularity. And it is so popular because it can be played casually and professionally. Tournaments are happening everywhere where PUBG Mobile players are participating in draws. This game is also popular because it can be played easily from any place and people only need their phone.

With all tournaments happening, players want to get better. And now, Tencent Games has announced some PUBG Mobile Pro tips for the players to follow. These PUBG Mobile Pro tips will help the players to reach the pro gameplay level. Also Read – How To Play PUBG Mobile At 60 FPS On Any Android Device

1. Headphones are a must

PUBG Mobile is much more than just bullets and explosions. You need to be very careful of the enemies lurking around you, especially those who are in the camp. Having a good pair of headphones ensures that you can hear enemies approaching you on foot or in vehicles.

Using headphones can also help you get a fair idea of ​​gunfire fired nearby so that you can be alert to a possible impending attack. Also, headphones are a must if you are playing games with your friends for effective communication.

2. Prepare your phone

PUBG Mobile is a demanding game and your phone needs to be the best. Delete what you don’t need, leave all the other apps you have running in the background. Turn off battery saver, turn off data saver, turn off night mode for the best experience.

You’ll want to turn off auto-brightness – it can dim the screen during games so you can’t see so well. Brighter = better. If you have game mode, use it as it will make your phone run better

3. Keep moving, keep alert

When you press your left thumb while moving your character around, a running icon will pop up. Slide your thumb over the running icon and your character will switch to sprinting mode without having to press a button to continue.

While you have auto sprinting, you can grab and hold the camera/eye icon at the bottom of your map and drag it around freely without changing the direction you’re running. This is a good tactic to help keep your horizons in check for opposing players while making yourself a harder target to hit.

4. Making Use Of The Squat Jump

Crouch-jumping is an advanced maneuver that allows players to maneuver quickly and easily in tight spaces. This is done by jumping into or out of windows or enclosures, then bending down to move quickly through the given space to avoid the jump animation.
This technique can make difference to win or lose match in pubg.

Having the ability to quickly escape from a room or chase an enemy through windows is an excellent asset any player has up their sleeve.

It may seem like a small, useless skill, but it can be the difference between living or dying in a close firefight. Remember, this technique is not as easy as it seems. To really slow down will require some training and practice. But once mastered, its maneuverability will increase tenfold.

5. Be sneaky when it counts, but don’t waste your time

In line with our previous point, even if you’re not hunting players through cities, you’re a little more concerned with stealth. Especially in the early game, splashing around can be really counterproductive, slowing you down when you need to loot and rushing to prepare yourself as fast as you can.

Plus, with players spread across the island, your chances of meeting anyone are slim. You want to be aware of enemies and definitely not reveal too much, but it’s more important to get good gear in going quick than closing every door and running to crouch.

6. Be a team player

Going it alone seems like a heroic feat, and you always expect more kills that way. But, it’s not the most recommended way to go about the game. Learn to stick with your team as it guarantees that you will last longer. Communicate with your team and help them if they get injured, and most players will retaliate.

Turning on your voice chat also helps guide other players on the team, but make sure you mute the annoying ones as they can prove to be your biggest distraction7.

7. Jiggle Jiggle

Our next suggestion is to keep swinging while shooting from close range. The jiggle is a strange movement that confuses the enemy’s target and helps to hit them with ease. To jiggle you have to practice TDM. Reduce the size of your joystick and when firing, always move the joystick left and right.

Once mastered, you will become a very pro at close range. But moving the joystick too quickly doesn’t have to mean jiggling. It is as if you are standing still and the enemy can easily kill you.

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