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Tips to help you master PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile aka PUBG Mobile has been the hottest online multiplayer battle royale game for the most part of 2018. In fact, an average Indian spends more than 8 hours per week playing PUBG.

For those who don’t know, PUBG originally started out as a PC only game in 2017 before finally debuting on the Play Store for Android and the Appstore for iPhones. It was also recently introduced for Xbox and Sony Play Station.

1. Keep moving, keep alert

When you press your left thumb while moving your character around, a running icon will pop up. Slide your thumb over the running icon and your character will switch to sprinting mode without having to press a button to continue.

When you have auto sprinting, you can grab and hold the camera/eye icon at the bottom of your map and freely drag it around without changing the direction you’re running. This is a good tactic to help keep your horizons in check for opposing players while making yourself a harder target to hit.

2. Headphones are a must

PUBG Mobile is much more than just bullets and explosions. You need to be very careful of the enemies lurking around you, especially those who are in the camp. Having a good pair of headphones ensures that you can hear enemies approaching you on foot or in vehicles.

Using headphones can also help you get a fair idea of ​​gunfire fired nearby so that you can be alert to a possible impending attack. Also, headphones are a must if you are playing games with your friends for effective communication.

3. ALWAYS take a level three helmet.

You’ll need a good helmet and vest if you want to win, so always grab the highest level when looting untouched equipment. But if after a fight you find level three damaged on the person you took down it can be difficult to know what to pick up and what to drop. The general rule here is actually pretty simple.

Always take a Level 3 helmet, even if it’s close to being destroyed. A level three will always protect you from a headshot with the M24, and there is only one to do so. So it’s almost always worth it.

4. Closing Doors

It may sound silly, but getting used to it is an important concept that most players overlook. Locking doors in PUBG is a versatile and important concept to try and win matches. Not only does this hide your presence inside or across a building, but it can also serve as a powerful warning signal for oncoming players. Closing the doors lets it mask that the room hasn’t been ransacked yet.

It can hide its presence in a building or waste an enemy player’s time. It also provides a distinctive audible indication that an enemy player is approaching. Allowing for proper setup and combat advantage. This concept is unnecessarily neglected in the PUBG community and can be used to defeat enemies while hiding their mark in the game’s vast maps.

5. Aiming Skill

The first skill to master when using a close-range gyroscope is the aiming skill. The Gyro makes it easy for players to aim because you can change aim by simply rotating your phone. If the opponent is in the range of 0-15 meters, it is better to use gyro hip-firing. You don’t need to drag your thumb across the screen.

You can also use your thumb to rapidly tap other buttons, such as the crouch and prone buttons. It makes your gameplay faster and more professional. But you should see your performance improving by now.

6. Know About Gun Combination

All players mostly prefer AKM+M416 in game, but others are also using AR with sniper. It’s not a big issue what your gun combination is, you stick to your gun combination as you get recoil control of the gun, develop memory for recoil and learn the ins and outs of weapons. In the meantime, if you’re just starting out, don’t go for a rank raise.

Instead, you’ll land at military bases, hot spots like Nova, George, and Pochinki, which is roughly a flight path, and you must aim for maximum kills. This process will reduce your KD ratio, but it will gradually increase as you improve your skills in the gameplay.

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