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Strategies Inside! Check Out 5 Tips For pubg mobile Players in 2022

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground may not be a name that most Indian kids are familiar with, but ask anyone about PUBG Mobile and it will be instantly recognizable. The popular battle-royal game became the most popular video game of the year with Fortnite, with over 200 million downloads worldwide and 30 million daily active users.

The sport is particularly popular in India and the rest of Asia, and for good reason. PUBG Mobile is a turning point in mobile gaming, never has a mobile game felt so close to its PC counterpart, including a robust multiplayer platform, which is the real reason for the game to be successful.

1. Learn to pick good jump destinations

In our Battlegrounds beginners guide, we discussed how you can use the W key and open your parachute high enough to get some reasonable distance from a cargo plane jump. Knowing where to jump is just as important as knowing how to jump – always have a plan for where you’re going to land and have a backup plan to go with it after you’ve learned where the good gear is.

Check the map at the start of each match, find your favorite drop zone, and go for it (and another location to keep in mind if there are several other parachutes falling in your favorites). A little preparation can help you get off to a strong start.

2. Guns Blazing vs Stealth

Many players will debate which method works better in the game as user experiences and skills vary. But, the most recommended way is actually a balanced one. Stealth comes in handy when trying to kill enemies without being seen or killed, and guns blazing are a great way to clear small areas full of enemies. Learn to use your map to an advantage, as the leaves, buildings, and vehicles make for really good cover.

Walking when you’re hooked also helps to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies because your footsteps won’t be heard. You can also modify your approach according to the guns and attachments found in the game – it’s easier to steal with a sniper or suppressed rifle than with a machine gun or heavy assault rifle.

3. Land on roofs to access loot faster

Always maneuver when landing on roofs, as it helps with looting. Landing on the roof allows the player to access the guns a little more easily. The combination of landing fast and landing on the roof can give a player a precious few seconds as an advantage.

However, it would be enough to make a significant difference in survival. Because getting the advantage at any time is a good factor in finding the right weapon. a weapon that helps spot a hot drop; Taking us to the next tip.

4. Pick Your Fights

The biggest part of surviving in PUBG is knowing when to fight – that, and being aware of your surroundings. If someone is shooting at you from afar, it’s better to run for cover than try to fight. On the other hand, there is no point in taking a dig at someone using a gun without sufficient range.

At 200m a SMG is useless. It is also worth remembering that every shot can be heard from quite a distance, revealing your position. If you have surround-sound headphones or use Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for spatial audio, you’ll make the most of them in PUBG because it will help you point distant bullets. Of course, the choice is ultimately up to you to rush to action or solve it yourself.

5. Get cover or get shot

This is kind of a no-brainer. Finding cover and keeping low is an internal strategy for the game. As mentioned earlier, the bushes around the building can momentarily provide enough cover for past enemies to ignore. Proceed with caution in every direction, because you never know who may have seen you. Inside, you can find several machines that can be used to hide.

However, the best hiding place when you know of an attack on your way is behind the main gate. Make sure you are unskilled when hiding here, as the rifle can be visible through the door, if not careful. Enemies do not turn right because of the wall and therefore neglect to look behind the door.

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