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Top 5 tips for winning close range fights in PUBG

PUBG or BGMI is a popular battle royale game that also requires skill, while many players regret being killed in close combat and blame other items for their failure in that match. Is it worth it? Would they die if they had some skill? No. Those players should hone their skills or learn some skills before playing Battle Royale.

However, some players know the skill and work wonders in arena training and other smaller games like TDM. But, in a battle royale, they forget everything when they meet an enemy in front of them. How can they hone their skills and practice? Well, here is an article which has some tips that can guide a player to close-range combat and these tips can be helpful to practice as well.

1. Crouch and Fire.

The next tip is crouch and fire. When you try to perform a variety of movements, always close to a 1 vs 1 position, one of them is bow and fire. You have to bend while firing. It helps when the enemy is aiming toward your head, so leaning over, he’ll miss out on some of the bullets giving you the advantage.

But crouch and fire don’t always work, in the case of an enemy who was hitting you on the vest but you bowed before him, in this scenario the bullets that were supposed to hit your vest will now hit your head. profit.

2. Make use of grenades

In BGMI and PUBG Mobile, grenades and Molotovs are effective only in close combat. You cannot throw grenades in medium-range and long-range combat. Therefore, do not overlook the use of this weapon in close combat in BGMI.

Grenades can be used for many purposes. For example, you can use smoke grenades to create cover or fake your movements to confuse enemies. In addition, fragile grenades can be used to make noises to take out or move enemies. You can use Molotov to block enemies’ paths and reduce their HP before you rush or confirm being killed with a delicate grenade.

3. Keep yourself boosted up late game

Even if you’re at perfect health, once it gets past 15 or so, it’s a good idea to take those energy drinks and pain relievers to boost and revive health. Start popping preventive drugs. There are a few reasons for this, like not worrying about it after a late game fight, plus a tick of potential health recovery could win you a close fight.

Either way, you should get boosts quickly if you have them available because there’s no point in saving them. Who wants a pain reliever with chicken dinner?

4. Movement in Close Quarter combat

You must have seen other players doing aerial dance in an attempt to make themselves harder to hit during close combat in PUBG. Those players have done everything possible to avoid becoming easy targets. Just like in Fortnite, jumping is a reliable way to shoot down your opponent’s target. It’s not the best way to dodge though.

\ Jumping will still leave you vulnerable and predictable. Instead, you must scramble, crouch, crawl, and jump. Your success in dodging other players’ shots depends on the fact that they are unable to predict your movements. Keeping it uncluttered and messy will help with this.


Scopes such as the red dot, holographic one, 2x, and 3x should be used at close range, and 4x, 6x, and 8x should be used for an enemy that is more than 100 meters away. When it comes to the use of these close-range scopes, these scopes should only be used when the enemy is 50 meters or more than 50 meters away.

A player must use hip fire or fire without aim when the enemy is less than 50 meters away or too close. Opening the scope reduces the player’s movement, giving the enemy a chance to hit the target.

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