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top 5 best Anime To Watch If You Enjoyed Death Note in ranked

The dark show enthralled fans, which raised many moral and ethical questions. Although Death Note was a fairly short series, it left a mark in anime history. The psychological thriller was full of suspense as the audience could not guess whether El or Kiara was going to win their duel.

Both characters were extremely smart, which made their “game” very interesting. After high school student Light Yagami meets Ryuk, the god of death, Japan becomes vulnerable to criminals. While this may seem acceptable to some, it raised the question of whether he has the right to punish and judge others by death.

1. Monster

The monster has to be on this list. Its dark theme and scintillating story will surely leave you craving for more. This anime, adapted from the manga of the same name by Naoki Urasawa, tells the story of a surgeon named Kenzo Tenma. Dr. Tenma enjoys a successful life and career in Germany, but does not like politics in his hospital.

When two children arrive at his hospital in critical condition, he disobeys orders from his superiors to look after a government official. This act of kindness eventually turns out to be a serious mistake that ruins his life. Tenma goes on a long journey to destroy the demon that this noble cause has created.

2. No Game No Life

‘No Game No Life’ is one of the best isekai anime out there, and if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll want to check it out. Anime gets a spot on this list because of the various psychological games that protagonists play to win with their opponents, most notably Tate, the god of games. The anime’s protagonists Sora and Shiro are siblings who love sports.

They are so good at games that the username, ‘blank’, which the couple use, holds a kind of mythical status among gamers. They find that real life is more boring than games, so they spend almost all their time in the game world. One day, he receives an email from someone claiming to be the god of the game, challenging him to a game of chess.

The two agree and are taken to Disboard, a land where all disputes have a single solution – sport. The ruler of this world is Tate. Sora and Shiro must try to unite the 16 factions that exist in this world and rise up against Tate and defeat him if they want to be the next god. You can watch the anime here.

3. The Promise Neverland

For those who haven’t seen the anime or read the manga, The Promise Neverland tells the story of Emma, ​​a young orphan. She lives at Grace Field House, a children’s home led by the merciful Lady Mary. Her home is supposedly no place for children, but in fact, she kidnaps children and sells them to demons who will then eat their flesh.

Like Death Note, The Promise Neverland is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat with every episode. Both anime shows have a talented character, and both shows have excellent character development and storytelling.

4. Another

Second one of Japan’s most popular horror-thriller anime. The show began airing in 2012. Since then, its popularity has only grown. The story follows Kauaichi Sakakibara, who is new to the city of Yomiyama. After relocating from another country, he enters a new school on the outskirts of his city.

There, she meets a strange student, Mei, who is being ignored by everyone in the class. Kauaichi soon learns that the girl he is following is not even human. We don’t want to spoil your viewing experience by revealing the truth behind Mei’s identity. Watch another one for yourself to know the real secret.

5. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass is a 22-chapter anime that deals with a futuristic world where you are able to gauge and measure each person’s mental state and personality, including their tendency to become a potential criminal. Ratings are collected within “Psycho-Pass”, where they are shown through a color and a number unique to each person.

The plot develops around a police team belonging to the DIC (Direction of Crime Investigation), where they are in charge of measuring Psycho-Pass and executing through a Dominator that determines whether a person is a criminal, is likely the offender or a healthy person, thus avoiding any judgment.

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