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10 PUBG MOBILE Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Getting into battle royale games isn’t always easy, especially on a mobile device. We recently teamed up with PUBG MOBILE to give you some useful tips and tricks to get you started, thanks to one of their top players, Medalcore. Special thanks to the Tencent Games Community for contacting us. We hope to see you get chicken dinner in no time!

1. Start Off Playing in Third Person

In third person, it has the advantage of being able to see behind/above cover, which allows players to make their next move before moving from one position to another.

It gives the advantage of security and is an easy way to get into the game. PUBG MOBILE is a battle royale title and if you are new to the genre, it would be best to start with this easy game-mode.

2. Customize The Layout

PUBG Mobile gives players the option to customize their layout. Simply go to the Settings cog at the bottom of the main home screen, then click “Controls.” From
There, find the yellow “Customize” button that allows resizing, moving, and customizing the buttons and their location on the screen. This can change the pace of gameplay and make it more comfortable. The game also has basic settings like sensitivity and field of vision (FOV), which can also be edited.

3. Turn On & Customize Auto Loot

Auto looting is something new for Mobile Battle Royale. Since most players cannot loot as fast as PC players, PUBG Mobile has implemented an auto looting feature that automatically picks up loot when a player moves. In the setting, there is also an option to customize the specific loot that a player needs.

For example, if a specific type of ammunition is needed, the game can be customized for it. This is a unique feature and highly recommended for new players.

4. Preferred Loadout

Finding a comfortable loadout spot will help a lot when trying to go for that win-win chicken dinner! Depending on the type of fighter – long range, close range, or something in between, the correct loadout is important.

With games like PUBG MOBILE, there are many options and variations of weapons, as well as attachments for each player’s liking. Find some of those variations and stick to them to be comfortable with what works best.

5. Smokes For Cover

Use smoke grenades to hide teammates while firing. Another way to use smoking grenades to an advantage is to throw them between a player and
the cover. In endgame scenarios, when the final circle is closing, a team can use smoke as tactical cover while approaching the enemy.

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