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How to aim better in PUBG Mobile

Pubg sensitivity to aim is of utmost importance to improve your gameplay and win it. To improve aiming In PUBG Sensitivity, to win any game involving guns it is necessary to have perfect aim, as the player will not be able to hit the target. Shooting games like PUBG and Fortnite are mainly based on target.

These sports require fast movement in aiming and aiming at slow moves; A wrong motive can kill the character. After all, the winner in such games is the player who survives to the end of the game.

How to Improve aim in PUBG

PUBG has become the favorite game of players, millions of people across the world are using it. This is a challenging game where the fighting can be fierce sometimes. Therefore, it requires a lot of attentive gaming skills and a lot of skill in the field of aiming and targeting.

The winner is decided on the basis of survival till the last in the game. Therefore, opponents are everywhere in this game to improve aim and shoot in PUBG to win over your opponents. The violence and brutality of this game meets the requirements of the goal to be super fast to win the game, and skill isn’t the only way to do it.

Perfect your sensitivity settings

The goal is to be precise when you need it most. You can set your sensitivity to low values ​​to make sure you don’t accidentally aim at random places when trying to take down an opponent. You will also need to strike a fair compromise as you will need speed when scouting around.

PUBG Mobile offers a lot of customization options when it comes to sensitivity settings, and taking your time to fix that can have amazing results. Even the screen protector you’re using may affect the sensitivity values ​​you prefer, but you can always check that for experienced players via their Twitch and YouTube channels. What sensitivity do you use?

Playing the game will always be best practice, but you may need to take a step back to see more noticeable improvement signs. PUBG Mobile has an excellent practice range where you can train yourself for a variety of in-game situations.

Choose different weapons and hit the moving targets from different ranges. Try to get the feel of each weapon’s bullet drop, which will increase your accuracy in the long range.

When you shoot at enemies that are far enough away from you, the speed of the bullet’s travel will also play a factor. You may need to shoot a little further or a little higher, depending on your weapon, and the practice range is the best place to get the hang of it.

Fine-tune the sensitivity settings

If you’re looking forward to a better target, you need to fine-tune the sensitivity settings. Do you want to control the recoil of your weapon? You can do this by fine-tuning the sensitivity settings. But, where can you do this? Go to the Settings of PUBG Mobile and click on the Sensitivity option.

You can even play the game in training mode and put the sensitivity settings to the test. Closer to the mid-range, a lower sensitivity is recommended while for longer ranges, a higher sensitivity is recommended.

Angle Place

Now let’s move on to level 2 which is learning how to properly pre-target angles. This is the next level of crosshair placement. You’ll need to master how to properly pre-target angles. First, pre-targeting is a big part of crosshair placement. The art of pre-targeting and angling during defense is the best imaginable.

Imagine you are playing defense on the map. As the walls go down and the round begins, you’ll probably want to kill one player easily. The best way to set yourself up for a kill in position is to stay still and keep your crosshairs at head level.

Here’s another neat tip: Don’t line up your crosshairs. Give yourself a little peep room in case the enemy has a wide peep. The entire time you’re pre-targeting an angle, make sure you’re at a safe distance and only expose yourself a little. When you pre-target an angle on defense. You should always prioritize safety when making angles.

Make sure you are not in a position where you can easily get killed or get hit by enemy bullets. Finally, you always want to pre-target a general angle or area from which an enemy will be swinging the most.

Pre-aiming in its simplest form is to place your crosshairs on a general area where you can expect the enemy to appear. Once the skill becomes second nature, you’ll find yourself killing far more than you expected to get in your way.

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