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best Free Fire gun skins in February 2022

Garena Free Fire has become the best and most popular battle royale game with all its new features, weapons, skins and constant events and updates. It has a lot of weapons that the player can acquire and show off during the battle with amazing skins.

As we all know that M1887 is one of the best shotgun in free fire and in trend nowadays, many players are looking for the best skins to come with it. Skins have to be selected carefully as it directly affects the performance of your weapon in the game

. In this article, we will talk about the best skins for M1887 that you can choose from!

In this article, we have ranked all the best skins for M1887 in Free Fire. Go through the description below and understand all the pros and cons of every skin before you spend the precious diamonds you have earned!

1. Blue Flame Draco- ak

This is an Evo skin that includes special specs such as kill, hit, firing effect, exclusive emote, kill announcement… The blue frame was previously available at the Draco fed wheel event.

While it’s currently rare to come across players, you can check out the latest events and updates today with our Free Fire Redeem Codes.

2. VSS Vandal Revolt

Out of all the Free Fire VSS gun skins, VSS Barbarian Rebellion looks quite the best. It can also double the rate of fire and is more effective and resilient in close-range combat than the original base gun.

This skin is artistically abstract in color, with the character theme of Steffi. By using this gun skin you will have a lot of time to compete with other SMGs.

3. Great Plunder Groza

This is one of the best Groza skins available in Free Fire. The Great Plunder Groza is available in the Store section of Free Fire and can be purchased for 40 Diamonds. This skin doubles the accuracy and amplifies Groza’s damage. It also includes a special kill feed during the game.

4. Lively Beast XM8

The vibrant beast’s skin suddenly became one of the deadliest, posting an update from the past in which the devs upgraded the default stats of XM8 and AN94. The insane rate of fire and considerable damage make this skin one of the best, if not the best AR skins.

The skin serves as the ‘cherry on top of the cake’ for those who have mastered the art of drag headshots. Drags become much easier with this skin. Therefore, pro players still prefer this gun over other strong firepower guns because of its ability to rapidly go to the head.

5. Cupid SCAR

Cupid SCAR is second only to the strongest SCAR skin in the game, ‘Titanium SCAR’ but this is very rare and only makes a comeback in the incubator. The ‘Mystic Seeker’ SCAR also gives a tough competition to the Cupid SCAR, but again, it’s available exclusively in Weapon Royale, only, for now. Therefore, Cupid is the skin to go for SCAR.

Cupid SCAR is very popular among gaming community. Before the devs upgraded XM8’s stats, it was the ideal gun skin for pro players and casual players alike. It’s still a pretty good gunfight and is far from losing relevance because of the ‘lively beast’.

Performance-wise, with the Nerfed Range feature you can’t expect to inflict a lot of damage on enemies. However, drag headshots are quite easy with this gun skin. Thanks for the ‘rate of fire++’ attribute. Being a legendary skin, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its calming animations.

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