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How to aim better in PUBG Mobile and PUBG mobile lite

To become a pro player of pubg mobile, you should improve your aiming of guns. Without the right aim target, neither will you get the high kill. Nor will you win the match.

However, most Pubg players don’t know how to aim their enemy’s head with their gunshots. So despite high-end devices and better internet, they lose their ranking.

So, here are the tips to score the right goals, so that you don’t miss your opponent in the battlefield of pubg matches.

The left thumb is placed on the gyroscope so you can move around. So you use your right thumb to move the sight and hit your target. Instead of trying to chase down your enemy with your sight and therefore your right thumb, try to keep your sight at enemy level, and then take wide steps in front of them.

This makes it very difficult to hit initially because you are moving. Plus, you don’t need to move the viewfinder, it’s up to you. The sight moves when you move, just shoot when it passes in front of your enemy.

How to aim well on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the best games among the large number of shooters that currently exist for mobile devices and consoles, they have a huge and highly competitive community.

So you must practice a lot to become a great guerrilla in the game, in any shooting game, it is extremely important to know how to aim and control the weapons, in this article we will explain how to aim better in pubg mobile Be made so that you do not miss any objective.

Since this is a game for mobile devices, you should take into account certain aspects in your configuration, such as the size of the buttons to match the size of your fingers.

This is necessary so that you don’t inadvertently hit another when you’re about to take an action, remember that in this type of game for a thousandth of a second that you’re slower than your opponent, you’ll have to end immediately. can do.

In shooting games that require a great response from the user, you can keep the sight button close to your fingers and normal vision of the fluorescent color so that you don’t confuse it with the colors of the map.

How to Aim Better in Pubg Mobile and pubg mobile lite

One of the main suggestions from the entire community of PUBG Mobile is that you customize the motion sensitivity of the screen on your mobile device in a way that you feel comfortable with, there are players who use less sensitivity because they themselves Its charge is to shake the screen several times.

As are some others who prefer higher sensitivity so that they can aim quickly with minimal contact with the screen. Also use the Assist or Auto Score option so that the game lets you choose your goals by default, this is usually handled by beginner players. Most professional players or higher ranks of the game use precision aiming or total control to have more maneuverability.

It is important that you place your hands on the mobile correctly, adapt the configuration according to your playing style, it can be 2,3, 4 or XNUMX fingers, and train a lot so that you get positive results, this Like you can improve your aim in pubg mobile.

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