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Top 5 Most Important Tips for Players Returning to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a battle royale game in which players must master gunfights to take home the winning-winning Chicken Dinner. According to the pros, winning close matches is an entirely different art. In order to take out enemies, you must be cleverly alert in addition to having solid control over the game elements.

Now that the new Battle Royale title is ready, many players want to climb up the ladder fast. These few tips will help you make the best possible decision in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is one of the most popular games in India since its launch. The game has gained popularity due to its interactive gameplay experiences and realistic graphics.

The online battle royale game is also known to have different modes and ranking system, which describes your skill and proficiency in the game. Recently the game developer has released the latest update which brings new ranking system. After which many gaming enthusiasts started moving up the ranks.

Spend some time in understanding the map

We often underestimate how important it is in BGMI to be aware and accurate of our movements around the map. Even if you looked through the map, chances are you haven’t really focused on how you can go about maneuvering and which places are areas of high conflict.

Understanding the map is the simplest and fastest route to becoming a better player, say Kratos and Kr. So be patient in learning the map and practice strategies based on what you learn.

Find out the best sensitivity for every gun and practice it

The next big step for starters is to figure out the sensitivity that works best for your gun. Every gun has its limits, and rather than tying the gun to your gameplay style, learn how to work around the best use of the gun.

Kratos and Krantiveer say that learning a gun’s sensitivity settings can be key to how your game develops and what your results will be. So practice with different guns to learn how to use them.

Work on improving your crosshair placement

Learning how to improve your crosshair placement can be a daunting task but is very necessary. It’s a direct cause-and-effect relationship at play – you get your crosshair placement right and you get more headshots. And in return you definitely get more wins.

Kratos and Krantiveer say that when working in a team, you’ll also turn to the player who has the best placement to execute strategies; And that could be you. As a single player, learning crosshair placement will help you better learn the game in general.

Use your time before the match get started

It’s impossible to make proper sense with your stranger teammates when you’re playing with random teammates to advance your ranks in BGMI. But you can use your time well before the match starts. Usually players get about 30 to 40 seconds in the spawn island.

You should use that time to understand their attitude, decide the drop location, and you can also develop a possible strategy for the match. You can also use this time to warm up. A good warm-up before a match will keep your muscle memory in check and also help you improve your aim.

Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on

Taking damage may not seem like the best idea if you want to survive, but it can be worth it in the early game. If you hide at the edge of the blue circle you will take a small amount of damage, but no one will expect you to be out.

With some good treatment options, you can stay there for a long time and avoid a fight altogether. You might even be able to take some kills on unsuspecting enemies. But you always keep an eye on your health and the next circle.

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