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How to Get Melon Seeds in Minecraft 2022

Minecraft offers a wide variety of foods, and the most unique of them all is melon seeds. Unlike other crops, melons take two blocks to grow. The only other crop to do so is pumpkin. But melons are much harder to come by in this game than pumpkins.

That is why we are going to cover how to get watermelon seeds in Minecraft for your farm, survival and even special crafting recipes in this guide. The methods below will work the same on the Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions.

To kick this off, we will also cover how to use melon seeds and how they can be useful in sports. Now, unless you want to level up your crafting using one of these best Minecraft mods, let’s get started.

Melon Seeds

Melon seeds can be planted to make melon blocks. Melon seeds can be planted on a field block and will cause watermelons to grow over any adjacent dirt, grass or field blocks after some time has passed. Melon seeds are found only in abandoned mine shaft chests. Melon stems can be grown with bonemeal; They will only produce one melon at any given time.


When the melon seeds are fully developed, you can destroy one melon piece and get three to seven melon pieces. Melon slices can be used to make more seeds – one slice can be crafted to give a seed – make melon blocks by placing them in a 3 by 3 grid on a crafting table, or to fill a bar of hunger. To be eaten Finally, by placing a nugget and a watermelon slice on a crafting table, you can make a fabulous watermelon slice, a potion material.

About Minecraft melons

Cantaloupe is a good food source that can be eaten raw immediately after harvesting. Once encountered, you can smash blocks of melons to get a handful of delicious watermelon slices.

Players can pluck weeds by hand or by using any tool. A watermelon will drop from 3 to 7 slices and they can assemble a whole melon in your crafting table.

Uses for Minecraft Melons

Melons are great food sources that need to be eaten as slices. Eating a piece of melon will restore 2 hunger points and 1.2 hunger satiety.

Melons can also drop melon seeds, which are then used to grow more melons. When planted on plowed soil, a short stem will first grow and a single stem will produce a cluster of 1-4 melons if there are empty blocks nearby.

They can be used as Journeyman level farmers in trades, buy 4 melons for 1 Emerald.

Players can also use it in a composter and have a 65% chance of leveling up by 1.

Melon pieces can also be used to make sparkling melon slices.

Required Materials to Grow Melons in Minecraft

If you are interested in growing melons you will need to find some melon seeds. In savanna/desert towns or in the woods, melons will automatically make these places to seek out. Forest houses and you can find them in bonus chests if you play Bedrock Edition.

You will need a hoe to sow melon seeds. No matter what type of spade and better quality material does not provide more cultivable value, it only increases the durability and speed of the block brake.

  1. Melon Seeds
  2. Hoe (any type)
  3. Water Bucket

If you want to improve the speed of your melon plant’s growth you want to hydrate the land you have grown. This ensures that your cantaloupe is healthy so you don’t get disappointed. If you want to accelerate the growth of your melon plants, bone meal can be used on the plants to mature faster. Not only cantaloupe, but melon only enhances its growth.