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PUBG Mobile esports is experimenting with franchising

Tencent has pulled down the roadmap for PUBG Mobile esports for 2022 and revealed a lot of changes to the overall ecosystem. One of these is the franchise model for Southeast Asia.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship Grand Final is in full swing with the top 16 teams from across the world fighting for the Ultimate PUBG Mobile Champions title and a massive $3,490,000 USD prize pool.

Well, we’re still cherishing the PMGC fever, but it looks like Tencent has some big plans for PUBG Mobile Esports 2022. Tencent’s Director of Exports James Yang announced the 2022 roadmap for the PUBG Mobile Esports ecosystem.

PubG Mobile Global Esports Director James Yang said today that a franchise model will be implemented in SEA in the second half of the year. Yang said it would be different from existing models and would be “lighter and more open”.

While Tencent hasn’t announced full details yet, it looks like the franchise league won’t be shut down entirely and will be reserved for a few esports organizations. If it is “open”, teams may be able to earn a place in the franchise league through lower level tournaments. It’s unclear how Tencent will execute this but Yang has said more details will emerge soon.

PUBG Mobile esports 2.0 is being introduced in 2022

PUBG Mobile’s esports plans for 2022 were unveiled today during the Grand Finals of the Global Championship (PMGC). Tencent’s esports director, James Yang, revealed that the year will introduce version 2.0 of the game’s esports scene.

The biggest changes in the esports ecosystem are at the amateur and semi-pro levels. Tencent will increase this layer to strengthen the base of PUBG Mobile esports. To do so, the National Championship (PMNC) is now being upgraded as the gateway to the Pro League (PMPL).

The bottom pyramid of PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0 is made up of PMCOs, Campus Championships (PMCCs) and select third-party events. These will run throughout the year and provide an opportunity to aspiring players to reach a professional level. In the past, there were only two open competitions per year for the Pro League. Now, interested players will have the opportunity to participate throughout the year.

  • PMCO South America
  • PMCO Europe
  • PMCO Africa
  • PMCO Middle East
  • PMCO Asia

The top teams from PMCO, PMCC and third party events will move on to the PMNC and Regional Cup, which will be held at the end of the year. There will be 11 PMNCs for different countries. At a press conference yesterday, Yang revealed that the regional cup would include countries where the player base is not large enough for a separate national championship.

Another major change is that PMPL is adopting an annual format. The PMPL will still have two seasons, but the lower teams from the first season will not be relegated to the second season.

PMGC 2021-22 Grand Finals 

PMGC 2021-22 Grand Final Participants Team List is now available here. In this article, you will get all the details about PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) – Livestream match timings, schedule, prize pool and event location. Along with this we will also tell you about PMGC 2022 Indian Team Qualified details.

Also, you will get details about live streaming and local telecast channels to watch PMGC matches. So, stay tuned with us and keep reading our article for all the news and updates regarding PMGC 2022.

As many of you know, PMGC 2021-22 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) will be hosted by PUBG Mobile Esports. However, this is by far the biggest and globally watched PUBG tournament.

The event is well recognized and is the most successful gaming tournament in the world. Several top PUBG teams from all over the world participate in this tournament and fight for the PUBG mobile Championship. However, due to the COVID pandemic situation, the PMGC program was initially divided into two phases.

The league stage lasted for about a month and then, the league finals were held separately for the eastern and western regions. The East League comprises teams from Asia and the Middle East and the top 9 teams qualify for the East League Finals.

The West League consists of teams from the Americas and Europe and the top 6 teams from the West League qualify for the Grand Final. And from these league stages, 15 teams have qualified for PMGC 2021-22 Grand Final. Also, the last slot was reserved for the Indian team which will win BGIS 2021.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 APK Download, Stable file for 1 GB RAM

PUBG Mobile Lite was launched in August 2019 for low-RAM devices in which 60 players descend on a resource-rich 2km x 2km island and battle it out to survive on a shrinking battlefield. Since the launch of the game, the developers keep bringing new features to the game for the players so that the interest of the players in the game is always maintained.

PUBG Mobile Lite can also be played on Android devices up to 2GB and players can download the game directly from the Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Lite developer recently released 0.22.1 update in which new features have been launched. If you are a Lite player and you haven’t downloaded this new update yet, you can download and install it on your phone via Google Play Store or APK file.

Due to security concerns, the game was permanently banned by some countries, and players from those countries can download it via the APK file. If your device is less than 2GB RAM then today we are going to provide you a stable and clean file which you can easily install on your phone.