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How to get Free Fire diamonds for free after OB32 update 2022

Diamonds are of great importance to gamers playing Free Fire. Every player wants to get as many diamonds as possible so that they can buy in-game items of this game. Most players don’t want to spend money for diamonds but do expect free diamonds from Free Fire’s events and updates.

Recently a new OB32 update has come in Free Fire. After this update, if you follow some easy steps then you can get diamonds for free. Let us tell you about those steps.

Users will have to answer a few questions initially, which will create your profile and after that you will be able to receive surveys from Google Play credits. The credit number will be awarded based on the frequency of sending the survey. The more credit numbers you collect, the more free diamonds you will get. In fact, you will be able to use these credits when buying diamonds in Free Fire.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire

Free Fire Diamonds are available with redeem code, BUYAH! App, Poll Pay App, Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards, and more. Here’s how they work:

Open the official Free Fire Rewards Redemption website on your web browser

Login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple ID

Enter the redeem code and press ‘Confirm’ to claim your reward

Free Fire Redeem Code Rewards will be added to your account within 24 hours

It should be noted that Free Fire redeem codes are server-specific, which means that redeem codes for Indian servers will not work on other servers. Additionally, each redeem code is only valid for 24 hours.

To be updated on the latest Free Fire redeem codes, check out our dedicated story on Free Fire redeem codes which is updated whenever a new code arrives.

If you don’t have access to the latest Free Fire redeem codes, you can use the mobile app to earn free diamonds. There are some apps on Google Play store and App Store, which help you to earn free diamonds on Free Fire.

All you have to do is download the app and follow the given steps to earn free diamonds and use them to buy your favorite unique items.

Booyah! App

Garena Booyah! Created, which is a dedicated gaming content sharing app that allows users to earn Free Fire Diamonds for free. All you have to do is participate in the Free Fire events and competitions that the app hosts. That’s how you’ll earn free diamonds in Free Fire, which you can use to buy items from the in-game store. The application is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Poll Pay App

The app works the same way as the Google Opinion Rewards app. In order to earn free diamonds in Free Fire, you need to complete some tasks and attend some quizzes. This way you will earn some cash rewards, which will be transferred to your Google Play balance or iTunes gift cards. The Poll Pay app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Google Opinion Rewards

For the longest time, Google Opinion Rewards has been the dominant force in getting paid through online surveys. But, come on, we are talking about Google. You can count on Google Opinion Rewards immediately after hearing this.

What the app basically does is allow you to answer surveys and earn Google Play credits. You can then use these credits for any in-app purchases. It is definitely super duper convenient and handy. Quick Tip Have realistic expectations and don’t fall for Google Opinion Rewards Unlimited survey scams.

Take it slow and easy. Gradually, you will accumulate enough amount to get Diamonds in FF MAX. Overall, Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best alternatives to Free Fire Max Free Diamonds!

BOOYAH! Events

Boyah! Free Fire Max and Standard Free Fire is the official Free Fire app for all types of players. It allows players to stream their content, participate in various events and watch streams to win exciting in-game prizes. From cool in-game skins to vouchers and more, you can create so much more with BOYAH!

Now you have to be very patient to get the diamond. Just like with Google Opinion Rewards, collecting diamonds takes time. Besides, it also takes luck for you to appear before them. But, persevere enough, and you’ll get not only diamonds but also many amazing in-game goodies. This will definitely take your gameplay to the next level and is one of the best ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire Max.

Easy Rewards

Easy rewards are another great way to get free diamonds in FF MAX. It works just like Google Opinion Rewards. However, instead of just answering surveys, you’ll need to try out popular apps. Also you have to watch and like videos to earn coins. These apps are mainly called GPT or Get Paid To apps.

You can then redeem these coins for Paypal Cash, Amazon Gift Cards and more. In return, you can use these to get your hands on a pack of Diamonds in Free Fire Max. Isn’t it convenient? Easy rewards will keep you entertained and earn some coins in the process.

Custom Rooms for Free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX

Custom rooms are a little trickier than the other methods on this list. You have to be on the lookout for the popular Instagram Free Fire giveaway pages and YouTubers channels. They often have top-ups or diamond giveaways. These are extremely competitive in nature.

So, if you think you are a good player and can get ahead in these custom room tournaments, this is really the fastest way to get lots of free diamonds in Free Fire Max.

Individuals should avoid getting diamonds through illegal means. They can also attend the Custom Room to receive this cash at no cost. We are thinking that you will find this post beneficial to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max without any real money. Please let us know if you have any questions, recommendations, or contribute anything in the comments section below.

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We certainly hope that this list of methods allows you to get free diamonds in Free Fire Max. Getting your favorite and most wanted in-game premium items is definitely a step up from the standard free-to-play experience.

Furthermore, these are the best possible ways that will allow you to do this legally for 100% free. We recommend you to stay away from websites like free fire diamond generator, hack free fire diamonds 99999 and other free fire diamond hacks.

Not only do they pose a great threat to your account and can get it banned permanently, but there are also very risky ways to illegally trade. It is always better to practice a legal and safe gaming experience. Happy Gaming!