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batman arkham city review

This is still the best comic book game ever. For the 2011 game, the graphics still hold up well. The open world looks absolutely amazing filled with lots of easter eggs and Riddler trophies that unlock a lot of stuff. The voice acting is as always top notch with awesome performances from Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, etc.

The story works really well with villains like Joker, Harley, Ra’s Al Ghoul, etc. What makes this actually a goose chase story is also very interesting with shocking and wonderful moments. Protocol Ten is easily (besides the ending) my favorite part about the game.

Music and helicopters fly around the city, shooting criminals always fascinate me as you climb the wonder tower. The Catwoman missions were great as well as there are some areas that only she can reach. Plus, I absolutely love how you can meet some of the enemies who are locked in a cell after taking on their side mission as Batman.

Speaking of side missions, they are really good. You get to take down some cool villains like the Mad Hatter, Hush, The Riddler, Bane, etc. The gameplay of Arkham City is very similar to that of Arkham Asylum and while it keeps its button mashing style, they have added some awesome and new different special moves and takedowns.

The game introduces new tough enemy types such as armored thugs, shield thugs, ninjas and two big beasts. (Mr. Hammer and Mr. Sickle) Of course, the game still has some previous enemy types from the first game and they’re as tough as you remember.

Predator gameplay is even more intense with other new enemies like Thermal Vision Thugs, who can see through the gargoyle or ledge you’re standing on and see through the smoke.

The game gives you so many different gadgets that are useful not only in combat and hunting, but also in tons of unique puzzles. Especially the Riddler Challenges. Overall, this game is absolutely incredible and definitely a recommendation for people who love Batman.

I don’t really have that much cons, to be honest. I have a small problem with the story but it didn’t ruin the game for me. So I am giving it 10/10. Wonderful!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Batman Arkham City, I would say it is still an amazing Batman game and a superhero game today. Batman Arkham City came out on October 18, 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3), the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum and an action-adventure video game. Now do you have to play Arkham Asylum to enjoy the city? No you don’t, but if you like story chronology then sure.

Gameplay: Batman Arkham City brings more new gadgets, characters, challenges and accessories from Arkham Asylum. When you play Arkham City you’ll be in the open world of Arkham City (part of being Gotham), for most of the game you’ll do all three: Combat, Stealth and Puzzle.

Combat: You fight bad guys and Batman villains like Deadshot, Mad Matter, Two-Face and Mr. Freeze, I won’t spoil too much but there’s more to come. You use Batman gadgets during battle, some gadgets require you to upgrade them in order to use them.

Speaking of gadgets, some Batman Gadgets return to Arkham City such as the Batarang, the Remote Batarang, and the Batclaw newer to confuse armed enemies such as Smoke Pellets when viewed by a remote electrical charge.

Puzzles: Are just getting riddles trophies and solving them, a lot of people don’t like them which makes sense why I do them because I want to take a break from the story and do some puzzle stuff want to do (note: you might not complete all of them because as you progress you need very specific gadgets and upgrades so not all but some of them)

Presentation: Arkham City still looks good today The lighting and art direction is really good. The voice acting is a masterpiece Mark Hamill on The Joker and Other Rocks.

Remastered: Now if you want to play Batman Arkham City on PS4, PS5 and Xbox One and current gen consoles like Series X and S, buy Batman Returns in Arkham, Remastered is good but some characters watch cartoons they should be but Electricity is good if you don’t care then power to you.

I can understand that some people think the story may be simpler which I understand. Batman Arkham City still looks cool Is. If you like superheroes and open world games then this game is right for you.