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5 tips for solo vs squad fights in Free Fire 2022

In this free fire battleground guide, you will learn how you can survive better in single vs squad game. In every squad game, and especially ranked players, there are some players who play solo.

Most of the time, players do this to increase their K/D in short play time. Many players relish the thrill and fun of taking on an entire squad and upping their game.

This Free Fire guide is going to explain how you can get the maximum number of kills you can play solo in squad games. These tips will not explain how to aim, but rather where to aim and how to reach the BR.

1. Put it in Action

Since this free fire guide is all about getting the maximum kills as a single player in the squad game, you need to know a few things. The point of playing here is to get as many kills as possible and not go to the last game. It is this mindset that changes a lot of priorities.

The first is that you must fight from the very beginning of the game. Think about it for a moment because you’re not going to get many kills until the end of the game.

The reason for this is quite simple. In the early game, you can safely assume that most players on the team don’t have good loot. Teams may not be well organized at the start of the game, but as the game progresses, they get a feel for each other.

On the other hand, you don’t have to adjust your playing style for someone else’s. So picking kills in the chaos of the early game is comparatively easy for a single player.

In the middle stages of the match, you’ll be dealing with squads that are well equipped and maybe even robbed an airdrop. So not only do they have better guns and more of them than you, but they are now a lot more in sync than they were before.

That’s why it becomes more important than ever to isolate your conflicts. You should try to go for headshots more often as this will eliminate enemies quicker and also improve your K/D.

Use the right character like Chronos and the right gun like AK or SCAR and you should see your forts go through the roof. Of course, spend some time training to improve your understanding of the game.

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2. Get Scanner

In Free Fire, the scanner helps you find opponents. You can equip Scan in the main menu to the left of the Start button. When you will click on the plus sign a dialog box will appear and you will get the scan icon on the dialog box.

What the scan does is that it highlights nearby enemies. This is very useful when you are going into a singles vs. squad match. With this you can easily see where the other squad is landing and you should try to land a little further or farther from them.

When you land a little further or farther from them you get enough time to loot and refill yourself with supplies with which you can easily do solo versus squad. So use scan and try to get good supplies and guns before fighting squad.

3. Unlock and Use Chrono

Chrono is a character in Free Fire. Their abilities are very useful when you use it properly. His ability is a time turner. What it does is that it creates a force field that can block enemy damage. You can fire from inside the force field but you will not hit the enemy bullet from outside.

This force also increases your speed inside the field. You can use this ability when multiple enemies are attacking you. This way you can use Chrono as a shield and kill opponents easily. Chrono has 6 levels that unlock them all to make the most of it.

4. Pick a good skill and weapon build

Most squads cling to each other to cover each other. It is best that you go for mid to long range builds rather than trying to engage them in close combat. The major choices are probably Alok, Clue, and Wukong’s ability. Light is a “generic choice” that’s good for most situations, Clue lets you explore the location of an entire enemy team… and Wukong lets you become a ninja from afar.

With regards to passive skills for snipers, Maro and Raphael can be very useful. With his skills, you should be able to take down enemies fast and eliminate them fast, which is really important in combat.

5. Try to fight them early on

Usually the squads landed at the same place. Since Free Fire’s loot distribution is fairly scattered, it often takes a while for the entire team to get ready. This is your chance to hit and kill something: try to land first, grab the closest weapon and fight right away.

Try to loot as fast as you can and leave immediately after killing. If you’re lucky, it’s possible to have 1 or 2 kills from the encounter.