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tips to use Gloo walls like pro players in Garena Free Fire 2022

The Glue Wall is the most useful utility item in Free Fire. It is used for both offense and defense in many situations on the field. Smarter players can take advantage of using a wall of glue in difficult situations, and increase survival times during matches. However, new players do not know how to use them.

Well, in this article we are going to look at 5 awesome tips and tricks to use glue wall in Free Fire like pro players.

Glue Walls is one of the most unique features in Free Fire – it enables players to instantly create a temporary barrier, which makes walking around much less dangerous than other battle royales.

1. Using Fake Gloo Wall Placement

This trick is more common in competitive matches and is super effective. Otherwise, you can glue multiple walls side by side with a small spacing in between. Opponents could not know your position behind the wall of glue. You can slowly slide into the second glue wall (cover) and give them a surprise attack.

2. Deploy while in crouch position

Most Free Fire players use a glue wall while standing. Deployment of glue walls while in the crouch position can be used to create the ideal glue wall. As the opponent will not anticipate you being in an inclined position, this will allow you to quickly retreat from the enemy’s push. to be in an inclined position.

3. Double Gloo Wall

You can’t change the height of your cover (glue wall) and you’re giving your opponent an edge so he can take an easy headshot. The better solution for this is to stay in the crouch position, otherwise you will be disappointed. However, if you have an extra glue wall, use it on top of another glue wall so you can be in a safe place.

4. Use Gloo Walls wisely

A rock can be used as a cover (image via Garena)

Players should avoid using glue walls if natural cover is already available. The natural cover can be a massive rock, a broken wall, a building or even an immovable vehicle. Therefore, the focus should be on taking advantage of the environment rather than exploiting its resources.

5. Use Robo to boost the defensive capability of the Gloo Wall

One of the easiest ways to gain an edge in Free Fire is to upgrade a glue wall to a shield. To do this, players have to spend some diamonds to unlock a pet named Robo.

Like Chrono’s force shield, which stops bullets in their tracks, Robo’s “Wall Enforcement” ability adds an extra layer of defense to the Glue Wall. It is highly effective for combating continuous fire in the game.