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immortals fenyx rising review 2022

Immortals Phoenix Rising is the best game publisher Ubisoft released in 2020, despite going past its bigger siblings, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion, into the holiday season. Developer Ubisoft Quebec moved from the sprawling quest of Assassin’s Creed to a smaller action-adventure game, a move that helps brighten this tale of Greek gods and monsters.

Immortals Phoenix Rising is a PC game that forged from pieces from other titles, most notably Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it establishes its identity excellently.

immortals fenyx rising review

I am a huge fan of history and myth. From Roman gods to Greek mythology and Homer’s take on Greek stories and events, the game has roasted Greek mythology. Harpies and giant minotaurs are plentiful and plentiful, with lots of gorgons and corrupt wild animals.

Acting can be a bit cheeky. (not unbearable and very often its not moments) The graphics are really good. Pleasant to the eye. uninterrupted. I am a big fan of Spyro the Dragon. Playing it from PS1. I have the remastered version on Xbox and those graphics are great. When it comes to graphics, this game has a spyro feel.

The fighting mechanics and UI are excellent. The story is one of detail and excitement. Now for the open world. It is due. Plenty of treasures and areas for you to reach in huge, personal and confrontational slice and dice lovers and for you explorers and lore lovers. Oh and resources never run out. So maintaining health and stamina is not a problem.

The challenges and puzzles you face can be difficult at times. (I’ve said screw it up several times but is it satisfying when you beat them. Puzzles like this. Haha) Last but not least, weapons, armor and abilities. Great for weapons and ranking system as well as armor. It’s easy to use with abilities coming in as you rank them up. (Not too OP and not too weak. Perfect) The abilities you gain are a lot of fun and the fact that you can change the way you look by wearing the same armor is great. Abilities really make fighting more fun.

Sorry for the long post, but I just want to keep it for everyone who doesn’t want to say much. They are haters. This is for players no matter what age you are, you are still a kid at heart. Torch bearer for my OG who grew up with the Atari 2600 and NES. This is for people who love a good story and love to use imagination. This game is Assassin’s Creed meets God of War Batman meets Arkham series.

One of the best, most amazing, most innovative, funniest and most beautiful games I’ve played. This game was made by the same studio that created AC Odyssey, a studio that knows how to make great games and most importantly, FUN games.

Progress, worlds, enemy diversity and designs, benefits and skill systems, loot and customization and unique missions… it’s all really really cool and well made. And the game is not short, it is really long and engrossed if you put in it everything that I did and I enjoyed doing it too. The puzzles in this game are amazing and I wonder how they are all unique and fun and don’t get repeated.

I love the different armor and weapon sets and how they each give different stats that will suit your playing style, that way you should loot instead of just the stat number difference. I’m really excited to see what this studio releases next, I’ll be the first in line to buy their games. AC Odyssey is one of my favorite if not favorite games I have played.

The only thing I didn’t like very much was the writing and comedy, but I get what they wanted, a light-hearted fun game for everyone, it’s not bad, it’s hit or miss a lot of times. (The part with the chicken was hilarious) But still.. that’s my only small issue about the game.

Other than that everything else is fantastic. It’s one of the few games where the developers really think and work hard about everything and really care about making a pretty fun game.

Solid open world adventure game with a surprising amount of polish for a Ubisoft title. The premise is a cartoonish take on a classic Greek epic, where your character is a rising god who must be strong enough to defeat a titan in order to save the gods and thus all creation.

The game’s narration is light and doesn’t take itself too seriously with adult themes and a sprinkling of kiddie humour, but overall the characters and their dialogue are all too generic. Don’t get into the game hoping to wow you with storytelling. The gameplay is where this game excels. A platformer with action adventure combat, then an exploration open world game with lots of climbing, jumping and gliding.

The game is unapologetically closing the game mechanics of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, going as far as poking jabs at the title (a wandering NPC character says something about how his weapons break. live and ask if he’s doing something wrong. ha.ha.) Where BotW excels in the basic gameplay is his ability to let go of your hand and let you explore the world by exploring and experimenting, and Forces you to think outside the box in a survival way, because that’s what the game is all about at its core.

The game captures most of that and explains everything very clearly. It also removes a lot of the exploration and survival elements and replaces them with a fairly routine and uninspired combat focus with magical abilities centered around combat and a ‘cooking’ mechanic that lets you fight battles. (You can prepare 4 different potions from four different plants that you find in the world) and a series of dungeons as either puzzle solving or monster wave battles.

A game with borrowed mechanics and a regular story doesn’t offer anything unprecedented, but the game is fun in a classic adventure play style where you fight big monsters after developing a rhythm similar to the Zelda games of old. A good game for fans of the genre, not just another Assassin’s Creed loot great grind, and a fun overall experience that has something for most casual gamers.