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pubg report 2022

The PUBG report is incredibly straightforward. You enter an in-game nickname, and you’ll then receive a list of kills and deaths caught on stream for that player. You’ll get a readout of details on each entry, including rank, weapon of murder, and how far away the killer was at the time of death. From there, you can click on one of the results and be taken to an appropriately timestamped Twitch archive where you can view the kill directly.

The only real limitation is that the records only cover the last 14 days – a limit specific to the API itself. The app is so impressive that it’s officially promoted by PUBG Corp (and noted by Eurogamer), and more features — like support for Mixer streams and console data — are on the way.

pubg report player

You can report a player using our in-game report system. If you missed a player report using our in-game system, you can raise a ticket to our player support in which you can provide as much detail as possible and they will look into it.

Tencent’s battle royale title PUBG Mobile has been facing a lot of trouble with cheaters lately. Players around the world are reporting the issue, and Tencent is also taking appropriate action against those who violate the terms of service. However, despite all the efforts of the developers, some cheaters manage to slip through the cracks of the anti-cheat system.

To strengthen its ban system, PUBG Mobile recently introduced Ban Pan 2, which is a continuation of their earlier approach to combat fraudsters. The ban pan system includes players and developers reporting cheaters to the game after analyzing the report banning violators. This allows system developers to ban cheaters on a much wider scale while engaging the player-base in the system.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a rebranded version of the infamous PUBG Mobile with minor tweaks and tweaks. The basics of the game remain the same and so do the hacking tricks.

With Battlegrounds Mobile India, Crafton has not only brought back the popular gameplay of PUBG Mobile, but has also brought back the game’s niggles like hacking and using unfair means to gain an added advantage over other players.

However, Crafton has taken a look at this and listed three methods in the game’s FAQ section that players can use to report hackers and fraudsters.
BGMI Players customers may report a hacker or fraudster via email, in-game customer service, and directly through the in-game channel.

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PUBG Report links your PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds matches to streamers on Twitch. Watch the reactions of those who stream at you, watch them kill you, watch their joy at them or instantly skip all the PUBG action in one Twitch stream.

If you have any feedback, questions or ideas, contact us on Twitter via @TrialsReport!

You can download PUBG Report for Android for free. – International multiplatform portal for mobile applications and games. Download PUBG Reports from developer Plafhop for free and use with pleasure.

PUBG REPORT APP Watch reactions of streamers on you killing them or them killing you PUBG Report connects your PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS matches with streamers on Twitch. Watch reactions of streamers on you killing them, see their joy on them killing you or instantly skip to all the PUBG action in a Twitch stream.Reach out to us through @TrialsReport on Twitter if you have any feedback, questions or ideas!

How to contact PUBG Mobile Customer

PUBG Mobile offers an intense free-to-play multiplayer action with a battle royale format on mobile. Drop-in, gear up, and compete. Players are dropped into a vast, open area, and must fight to the death – until the battlefield shrinks, putting pressure on all or none. Use interesting weapons and vehicles spread between the battlefields.

But while playing any game you may face many problems which may include various bugs and glitches in the game like event issues, missing items, payment issues etc which you want to report or you can help want to take help.

PUBG Mobile also has customer support from where you can report any problem or ask for any kind of support regarding the game. In this article, we are going to guide you through the ways on how to contact customer support.