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7 common mistakes Free Fire players make in end zones

Top-of-the-field battle royale matches in the free fire place are nerve-racking. Enemies are everywhere, the playable space is small, and supplies are limited. Surviving every encounter turns into a mix of ability and luck.

However, there is hope. Despite the difficulties and insurmountable odds, customers can certainly seize a buyout. Avoiding end-fields becomes straightforward, by simply avoiding a few errors.

1. Attending an opponent while on the fringe of the end-zone

Since the safe-zone shrinks during a free fire place match, customers usually find themselves at the edge of the top zone. If they lag further, they will break out of the protected area and start to damage the area.

In this scenario, parting with an opponent is not a good suggestion. If they get a better hand, the consumer will be gradually pushed out of the safe zone. This significantly reduces the percentage of survival to the top.

2. Not Wearing Headphones

Headphones are important when playing multiplayer games, they give you special awareness in a way your phone speakers can’t. This is especially true for Garena Free Fire because unlike Call of Duty: Mobile’s PUBG Mobile, the map doesn’t actually show you the footsteps of nearby enemies, so you can rely on sound to really know. Where are your enemies?

3. Standing Perfectly Still

Free Fire doesn’t actually have a ‘bullet drop’. For those who may not be familiar with the term, bullet drop is the distance that a bullet falls after being fired from a weapon. The greater the distance, the greater the fall. However, there is no bullet drop in Garena Free Fire.

As such, it is very easy to get a headshot provided you have the right scope. This also means that you will either have to stay in cover or move around constantly, lest you fall victim to a well-placed headshot.

4. Forgetting To Reload

This would probably be the most foolproof way to die in any game. The last thing you want in any game is for an enemy to attack and then start reloading because you forgot to reload earlier. Find a good safe place and make sure all your weapons are reloaded. Keep in mind that you may pick up extended magazines along the way.

So make sure you reload all weapons, even if you haven’t used them. There is a bar under each weapon that gives a visual representation of how empty a clip is. Make sure it is always full.

5. Walking Running with gun in hand

Due to a lack of fundamentals, many novice players walk or run with rifles, snipers or submachine guns in their hands, even at completely unnecessary times. When loading weapons, the character automatically moves slow to move. This can make it easier for opponents to shoot long distances, especially in the open. When moving, it is best to use objects such as a pan or a stick. This is because in some cases the projectile hits the accessories, freeing the player from damage.

6. Use equal weapons

Free Fire has slots for three types of firearms, one of them being pistol only. For example, many novice players choose two submachine guns or two assault rifles to compose loot. This alternation of two weapons belonging to the same category can weaken the player in some moves that require both rush and long-range weapons.

A successful strategy requires a balance of arms; Therefore, the player must choose a submachine gun (for short range) and a rifle or snipers (for long range).

7. Shoot in the open

When facing opponents, many novice players often shoot in the open without any cover to protect themselves from potential enemy shots. This behavior can impede a strategy designed for departure, especially if the enemy is at a more advantageous point, such as hills and buildings, and the safe area is gas close.

Before shooting, the player must defend himself in trees, rocks, towers among other possibilities and only then shoot. If there is no coverage nearby, the player must use a prison barrier or call an airdrop to serve as cover – this must be selected before the start of the match.