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Top 5 Best Pokemon Games For Android/IOS

For decades, the Pokémon franchise has been at the center of mainstream culture, featuring numerous movies, TV shows, and video games that, among other things, have garnered widespread critical acclaim from Pokémon fans around the world.

Keeping this in mind, we are going to give information about the best and very good games in this article, which is related to Pokemon, although it has often been very famous among people for its gameplay, of which you must play a game. So you must know that this game is generally available for Android and iOS. And these games have very good graphics with lots of futuristic and action fights and excellent pokemon through which the player can entertain the game very well

1. trainer canyon

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Trainer Canyon is a mobile role-playing game developed by Maragedygaming for Android devices. It is a pokemon game used only for Android, which will have a lot of things to keep the player entertained, it will also have improved graphics that will reflect your experience quite well. Although the player may face some problems while downloading the game.

so download it from because there will not be any problems while downloading the game. And there are a lot of features provided in the game for the player through which the player can do online Pokemon battles with his friends, which will further increase your entertainment.

2. pocket incoming

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Pocket incoming game you will either play it for fun and it will last only a month or something or you will look good in the game and get addicted. These games usually go on for quite a long time. And the special thing about this game is that it shows very good animation and action fights, along with it there will be very good graphics which will make the player’s entertainment even better.

There’s no doubt that the Pokémon universe is one of the most prolific that Manganimes has produced in history, with the player’s excellent Pokémon fighting, although every single moment here is quite fast and quite well.

3. pokomon aloha pika pika

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Pokemon Aloha: Pika Pika. Perhaps Pokemon are characters that are no longer strange to everyone, but what this game brings will be exciting and new experiences. Which keeps the player quite entertained with its 3D graphics, although not much has been done with the lot of Pokémon in the game which would normally be story-based.

And this game will be very good for Android because here it runs very smoothly and very well on Android. And the controls of the game are very good, through which you can control the powers of the Pokémon according to you.

4. pokemon let’s go pikachu

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pokemon let’s go Pikachu is a Chinese 3D game that has been well received by many fans although the game is based on a story now the story is that you have gone on a journey with your Pikachu where you will find other pokemon From capture to battle is required.

And at the same time, there are many futures given in the game, which will enhance the entertainment and experience of the player very well, and along with this very good control has been given here which is very easy for the players to operate. And in the game, you can use many languages, through which you can understand the game very easily.

5. pokemon brilliant diamond

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a pokemon brilliant diamond which is one of the very famous and very good games among the people where a real story of pokemon has been released and along with this, the player has been given very good graphics and great futures which add to the entertainment of the player. It’s going to increase a lot.

Where the player has many great battles ranging from catching many Pokemon, although the game featured a lot of action moments during the battle, which is great, with many great characters you can take the best advantage of this game.

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1 Ditto.
2 Milotic.
3 Xerneas.
4 Rayquaza.
5 Mewtwo.
6 Suicune.
7 Charizard.
8 Pikachu.

1 Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
2 Catherine: Full Body.
3 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999)
4 Astral Chain.
5 Tales of Berseria.
6 Dragon Ball FighterZ.
7 Doki Doki Literature Club.

1 Truth or dare.
2 Balloon stomp.
3 Cookie face.
4 Scavenger hunt.
5 Blindfolded makeup.
6 Flour game.
7 Doughnuts on string.
8 Name that tune.