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top 5 anime where popular girls falls in love with an unpopular guy

So today this article has been told about the best and most famous animes romance series for anime fans, which is generally quite famous and based on a great story which fans will be very interested to see because here The romance between our characters has been given along with a great story, which will be a really great experience to admire.

And especially these romance, comedy and school anime series are always full of hilarious moments that will make you laugh and cry. So today we are going to talk about the best romance series here.

1. after the rain

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After the rain series is written by Jun Mayuzuki and released in 2018, the story follows our two characters Akira Tachibana and Masami Kondo who normally fall in love with each other. and Masami Kondo who is a forty-five year old divorced manager.

However, in the story of Akira Tachibana who understands that there is no age to love. And she can’t tell, she is in love with Masami Kondo, which fans will see a great romance with plenty of comedy. And along with this, a lot of characters have been introduced in the story which will usually make fans laugh a lot.

2.teasing master takagi-san

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The Teasing Master Takagi-san series is written by Soichiro Yamamoto and released on IMDb in 2022 with a rating of 7.7. If any fan wants to romance with comedy then this Shukla is a must for him. Because here fans will find great romance with comedy that follows our two characters, and the story depicts the daily life of Takagi who always torments his classmate Nishikata.

That is to say, she often wins arguments with Nishikata, and it is middle school romance anime that usually features comedy in every single moment of their feud that is actually quite funny. And it turns out that this series has mostly been based on comedy.

3. Witch craft works

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The Witch craft works series was written by Ryu Mizunagi and released in 2014 which became very popular among the masses. The story of Hala will not be so special in the initial days as the stories are shown to be quite normal in the beginning but as the story progresses the story will have many new twists and entry of new characters which usually builds up. Story quite interesting.

And the story follows two of our characters, Ayaka Kagari, who is one of the most popular girls in her school because she is handsome and handsome in appearance, who falls in love with an extraordinary boy named Honoka Takamiya, who is very weak. is and leads. Very simple life Now the romance of these two is quite open type in the story, its companions have also released a small comedy here. Understanding the story of Hala can be a bit difficult for the fans as twists keep coming in every phase of the story which will give a new twist to the story.

4. gamers

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The gamers series was written by Sekina Aoi and released in 2017 and every single scene in this series has been made very well and in great detail. Which will be quite interesting to watch as there is ample amount of romance which normally follows our two characters.

Karen Tendou and Keita Amano who are the same high school students as well are good friends, but this friendship turns into love, although they are too afraid to purpose each other, because they do not know that a In what way should the purpose be done to the other. In which the love story of these two shows a lot of romance and a good story, which will be really interesting to every fan.

5. my love story

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my love story series which came very famous and much discussed among people as soon as it came in 2015 because we have been given here a good story with great characters which is really interesting. And this story is written by Kazune Kawahara Joe is a Japanese manga artist best known for creating the romantic comedy Shjo Manga High School Debut.

Hala’s story follows two of our characters, Takeo Gōda and Rinko Yamato, who fans will find out how these two can read in love, as they are so different from each other. Now the fans are going to have a lot of fun watching the sequence of how these two will take their love story forward, which is going to be their best romance in comedy.

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