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top 6 most powerful super Saiyans in the dragon ball universe

Saiyans are some of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball. Like Goku and Vegeta, he is the most powerful Saiyan of them all. Dragon Ball Super has done an excellent job of keeping Goku’s story interesting and exciting, introducing new furry friends, new powerful foes, and a crop of new Saiyans to the once-endangered race.

Some of the characters in the Dragon Ball series in general possess Saiyans powers through which their translational powers and a super powerful fight attract a lot of fans. Saiyans resemble humans in appearance but have tails and various changes that make them far more deadly. So today in this article the best and most powerful Saiyans characters of the dragon ball series have been discussed.

1. goku

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Goku is one of the best and most powerful and most famous characters in the dragon ball series which no one has been able to compete well till now, he has defeated a lot of people through his powers. And Goku, born Kakarot, is a male Saiyan and the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries created by Akira Toriyama.

And Goku can fight Beerus using 70% of his power. Goku admitted that he was only using 80% of his actual power at first, which would put Goku’s combat power at 4.8 quadrillions. After this, it became quite impossible to defeat Goku.

2. caulifla

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Caulifla, a new and very powerful Saiyan in the dragon ball series, gained Saiyans powers in no time when he had an extraordinary encounter with Goku. And proved to be a great character among people to use her powers quite well although Koulifla is a Saiyan from Universe 6 and a member of Team Universe 6 which participates in Zeno’s Tournament of Power. She is Rainso’s younger sister and the leader of a group of Saiyan gangsters. Stubborn like Goku and full of passion to increase his power is full

3. gohan

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Gohan is the eldest son of the series’ primary protagonist Goku and his wife Chi-chi, who is Goten’s older brother, Videl’s husband, and Pan’s father. who turns out to be the best and most powerful character in the Dragon Ball series, and Gohan is the first hybrid (half-Earthling, half-Saiyan) to appear in the series. Speaking of its powers, Gohan possesses superhuman strength and durability, as well as superhuman speed and reflexes, as seen during training with his younger brother, Goten.

4. kale

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Kale is a Saiyan from Universe 6 and a member of Team Universe 6 that participates in Zen-Oh’s Tournament of Power. She is Colifa’s best friend, protégé, and sister figure who loves her dearly. If Kale has learned to control her best powers going forward, then she will prove to be one of the very best characters in the future as she is not able to control her powers well in this period. And Kale is also Cosmos 6’s strongest Saiyan and the second most powerful mortal warrior (after Hit), which is considered quite difficult to defeat.

5. future trunks

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future trunks turn out to be one of the more powerful characters that defeated Goku and many other heroes who have great Saiyan powers to use to make it much more powerful, and future trunks are very different from their current-day counterparts. Due to a hostile and lonely life with almost all the dead, Trunk’s best and only friend is Future Gohan.

And future trunks have many abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and energy explosions, which can be harnessed using ki. Now, in the same way, to defeat Goku, he had made a big spirit bomb with his sword, which was quite dangerous in appearance, using which he defeated Goku.

6. vegeta

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Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. He is the eldest son of King Vegeta, Tarbal’s elder brother, Bulma’s husband, Chaddi and Bulla’s father, and Vegeta Junior’s ancestor. The one that every fan knows since the Dragon Ball series started, and Vegeta who is one of the most powerful characters in general once had enough powers to defeat Goku. But it is known to very few fans. And Vegeta is one of Dragon Ball’s most powerful characters, using his strongest moves in every single fight.

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1 Vegeta.
2 Goku.
3 Broly.
4 Piccolo.
5 Cell Max.
6 Gohan.
7 Beerus.
8 Whis.

1 Dragon Ball.
2 Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (movie)
3 Dragon Ball Z episodes 1-86.
4 Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku (TV special)
5 Dragon Ball Z episodes 87-107.
6 Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock (movie)
7 Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest (movie)

1 Giin (Universe 12)
2 Heles (Universe 2)
3 Mule (Universe 3)
4 Quitela (Universe 4)
5 Sidra (Universe 9)
6 Champa (Universe 6)
7 Belmod (Universe 11)
8 Beerus (Universe 7)