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How to Easily Make a Sponge in Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing game. It has already gained a lot of fame due to the creative features and unique resources present in the game. One of them is a sponge. which is a block that can be used to remove water from its surroundings when placed, turning into a wet sponge in the process. Finding sponges in Minecraft will be quite difficult, as they can only be found under deep water roaming around.

Ironically, these yellow blocks can be great for making paths around aquatic areas. So today in this article, the simplest process has been told for the players to make sponges, through which players will be able to make sponges very easily.

What type of sponge absorbs the most water?

what is a sponge in Minecraft

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Sponges in Minecraft can be found underwater in ocean monuments, which can be hard to find without much trouble. Once players have found ocean smart, they can go about getting a sponge. And sponges in Minecraft are commonly used to absorb water from an area. The sponge can collect water in any direction.

This will absorb flowing water and source blocks from the sides rather than from the center of the block in every direction. A sponge block can absorb up to 65 blocks of water before it becomes a wet sponge! Apart from this, there is no other use for a sponge as it was made just to absorb water in Minecraft which is known to every player of Minecraft in general

how to get sponge in minecraft

How to Easily Make a Sponge in Minecraft

Sponges are one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft 1.18. Although these are fairly common blocks, players will have to put in a lot of effort to get them. Its specialty is that it is not in any other block. It can absorb and remove huge amounts of water from an area. To find the sponge the player must visit an ocean monument and find a wet sponge.

Next, the player must smelt the wet sponge in a furnace, which will result in a sponge. Another way to get a block is to kill an elder guardian. and a bad thing for players sponges are unusual blocks that can’t be made by gamers, that’s why the players shouldn’t try to make sponges because it’s just findable, that’s why the recipe doesn’t exist in Minecraft yet. There are many more ways to get sponges that you must know

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1 Mangrove Swamp and Outpost.
2 Desert Monolith.
3 Coastal Towns.
4 Mooshroom Paradise.
5 Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves.
6 Beautiful Lush Cave.
7 Vertical Island Village.
8 Hillside Village.

1 Furnicraft.
2 Modern Tools.
3 Lucky Block.
4 Villagers Come Alive.
5 Fortnite For Minecraft.

1 Guardians/Elder Guardians.
2 Vexes.
3 Endermen.
4 Phantoms.
5 Bees.
6 Baby Zombies.
7 Wither.
8 Ender Dragon.