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How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

Chests are one of the most important things in Minecraft that give you plenty of room to store other items. And a small chest has 27 slots of inventory space, and a large chest has double that amount at 54 slots. Large chests are often what players try to hide because they can contain many items of value and are invaluable that anyone can steal.

And the special thing is chest is used in many other machines because the material coming out from the machines gets packed in the Chest so that the player does not have to lose the goods. And you know that any material in Minecraft disappears from there shortly after falling on the ground. But we are not going to make these extraordinary chests in Minecraft, rather we will tell the whole process of making an Ender Chest in this article.

And ender chests are a type of chest whose contents are unique to each player and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. That is why it is one of the very best chests for the player. So we will tell the process of making it very simply in the article.

Required Materials to make Ender Chest

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

8 blocks of Obsidian
Eye of Ender

How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

Obsidian is one of the most annoying blocks for me in Minecraft. However, the mining time is usually worth it as obsidian can be used to craft some of the most powerful blocks in the game. And at the same time, it is also used to make a nether portal. And finding obsidian in Minecraft is not that hard, because it is made from lava. Now finding lava in Minecraft is quite easy. Follow the below-given steps through which players can get Obsidian easily

  • To create Obsidian, first find the lava
  • After getting the lava you will need a bucket so make it
  • After making the bucket, fill the bucket with water from any lake.
  • Now after filling the water in the bucket, pour water on such a side of the lava that does not completely go into the lava
  • Then Obsidian blocks will be ready in that lava, after which break those Obsidian blocks with diamond sword

how to find Eye of Ender in Minecraft

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

An Eye of Ender is a crafted item that the player can use to repair end portal frame blocks or to locate nearby strongholds (the only places end portals can be found naturally) by right-clicking. can use for. The Eye of Ender can swim through the land and into the Citadel.

And with the changes made to villagers and the trading system, Cleric Villagers now sell the Eye of the End for 7-11 emeralds as one of their Tier III trades. Which is a good thing for the players. So follow the steps given below through which the player can make Eye of Ender quite easily

  • In your crafting square, drop the Ender Pearl into the middle square and Blaze Powder into the square to the left of it.
  • After which those two objects will be mixed and converted into the Eye of Ender.

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

What is the advantage of the Ender Chest, the Ender Chest can be used like a normal chest, except that all the Ender Chests in the world are interconnected, including different dimensions? The list of ender chests is also different for each player; As a result,

items stored in an Ender Chest cannot be seen or taken by other players. Everything has been told to you in this article, if you have the above-mentioned material for Ender Chest, then follow the steps given below, through which Ender Chest can be made very easily.

  • To make Ender Chest, open your crafting table, after clicking on which you will have many options.
  • Now place the Eye of Ender in the middle of those options, after which keep Obsidian in all the empty options, then that material will be converted into Ender Chest

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