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How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

Cookies in Minecraft is a food item that was made as a dessert, which is one of the very best and very tasty recipes, so today we are going to explain this recipe in many great ways, including cookies some Made from the same material.

And will share this process quite simple. And if you’ve played the Minecraft game, you’ll know that it’s a survival game that requires a lot of things to survive, from weapons to building houses or hunting. And most importantly, Minecraft requires a lot of food.

because it is impossible to live without food in the game. Now we are going to bring another thing in the same food which is cookies which you can eat for breakfast, which increases your ability to live to a great extent.

Required Materials for Cookies

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

If you are very fond of making food items in Minecraft, then this recipe is important for you, in which you will be told what are the necessary ingredients to make cookies. Taking care of every single thing in it and you understand it well.

this process has been carried forward in the same way, and the special thing is to make cookies in Minecraft, only two things are needed, first wheat and second cocoa bean which is in the game. The players are easily found, which the players do not need to find. To take it, it can be obtained by going to any village and farming there.

how to get wheat in Minecraft

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

Wheat is easily obtained from rural farming in Minecraft, if you want to grow wheat, first you need to open your crafting cable and make a stone hoe, through which to dig up the solid ground and turn it into clay.

Then you need seeds that don’t need to struggle to find but are one of those things that grow around the house like grass whose seeds are plucked to get. You have to plant these seeds in that soil, then after a few days they will convert into wheat

how to get cocoa bean in Minecraft

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

There are many uses for cocoa beans in Minecraft, in the same way, we will use them to make cookies. And most of the cocoa bean has not been cultivated by the player in Minecraft because they can be easily obtained on some trees.

But players forget their way in the process of finding it because it is mostly found in the depths of the forest and on tall trees. And cocoa beans come from cocoa pods, which are found on the trunks of naturally occurring forest trees of normal size in forest biomes.

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make cookies in Minecraft using the Minecraft cookie recipe or the cookie command. A Minecraft cookie is a food item that a player can obtain in large quantities. Each cookie will restore 2 hunger points when eaten.

Which is very beneficial for the players. And the recipe of any food item in Minecraft is easy but it is also made difficult by some players, but we do not do this because we have to guide you well, in which we to tell you the recipe for making cookies easily.

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

  • To make cookies, first open your crafting table, after clicking on it, you will see many options in which you have to place this material.
  • Now the question of how to keep the ingredients in these options must be coming in your mind, that is why according to the image given above, keep this material in these options, after that cookies will be ready in front of you.

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