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Top Free Fire YouTubers in India

Free Fire is the most played in India and the craze of this game will always be seen in India. Free Fire Battle Royale is a multiplayer game, and up to 50 players can play the game simultaneously. Indian players prefer to play multiplayer games only, due to which many YouTube channels live to stream the game, and they have a very good subscriber base in today’s moderation. And due to this game, millions of views come on most YouTube channels, due to this the growth of YouTube channels is good, and there are millions of subscribers.

Do you know the top YouTube channels in India that get great views and subscribers by running Free Fire? We will tell you about the top YouTube channels that have more than 10M million subscribers, and millions of people watch them every day, so let’s know about these YouTube channels without delay.

5. Two side gamers

Top Free Fire YouTubers in India

Real Names Ritik Jain, Jash Dhoka
Profession YouTuber, Gamer
Style Gaming
Date Joined 19th September 2018 (Wednesday)
Schedule Daily
Status Active
Associates Neon Man
Subscribers 11M subscribers

Two side gamers This YouTube channel has 11M+ subscribers today and the channel is growing very fast. This channel was started on Sep 19, 2018. Every day 1+ videos are uploaded on this channel and 100k+ views come on it.

Both the brothers have contributed a lot to growing this gaming channel, after a lot of struggle, this channel has got successful. This channel has made a good name in the world of free fire, and free fire players like this channel a lot. Every day good videos and better content are published on this channel.

4. desi gamers

Top Free Fire YouTubers in India

Name Amit Sharma
Profile Name Desi Gamers (Amit Bhai)
Date of Birth (Age) January 26, 1997 (25 years)
Date of Joining (YouTube) May 11, 2015 (Desi Gamers)
June 8, 2019 (Desi Army)
Total Videos 1,200
Schedule/Status Active
Net Worth $73.3K – $1.2 Million
Nationality Indian
Residence Siliguri, West Bengal, India

personal information

Desi gamers is one of the top YouTube channels on which only content related to free fire is published. The total gaming channel has contributed a lot to the growth of this channel. This channel was started on May 11, 2015, and since then till date, this channel has had more than 13M+ subscribers.

Desi gamer is the best free fire player as well as a great content creator, every time a new type of video is published on the desi gamer channel, the desi gamer keeps collaborating with many channels. Because of this, they get a lot of hype.

3. lokesh gamer

Top Free Fire YouTubers in India

Name Lokesh Raj Singh
Date Of Birth (Age) Undisclosed date, 1999, 23 years old
Date Of Joining YouTube November 16, 2017,
Net Worth $1.8 million
Total Videos 1.15k
Upload Schedule/Activity Status Daily/Active
Residence Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Nationality Indian

personal information

Lokesh gamer is one of the best channels of free fire this channel was started on Nov 16, 2017, and now this channel has 15M+ subscribers, and every video gets 100k views. So far 1.2k+ videos have been published on the channel.

If we talk about this channel then videos are always uploaded on this channel and all types of videos are shown on this channel which includes a live stream, vlogs, free fire video and many more. Most of the efforts are made to keep the video engaging for the viewer and the videos get more boost.

2. AS gaming

Top Free Fire YouTubers in India

Real Name Sahil Rana
Nick Name AS Gaming
Date Of Birth 20 April 2002
Age 18 Years Old
Birthplace Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India
Hometown Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India
Nationality Indian
Cast/Religion Sikhism
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius
Profession Free Fire Content Creator, YouTuber
Free Fire ID 169525329
In-Game Name A_S Gaming
Guild Name AS gaming E-Sports

personal information

AS gaming comes in top 2 in India’s top free fire channel this channel was started on Oct 26, 2016, and now 19M subscriber of this channel has been completed. Players like this channel very much, and fully support it from their side.

Many types of content are published on the AS gaming channel, and every video is quite different from the first video. AS GAMING is the best content creator as well as a good gamer, which is watched by more than 500k people every day.

1. Total Gaming

Top Free Fire YouTubers in India

Name Ajay
Date Of Birth (Age) Date undisclosed, 1994, 28 years old
Date Of Joining YouTube December 2, 2018,
Net Worth $3 million
Upload Schedule/Current Status Twice a day/Active
Total Videos 1.86k
Residence Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian

personal information

Total Gaming is the biggest free fire channel in India and the biggest free fire channel not only in India but all over the world. Total Gaming channel was released on 9th October 2018, and the channel has completed 34M+ subscribers. Every video posted on this channel gets more than 1M+ views, that too within 24 hours.

Every Free Fire player knows and follows this channel very well. The name of the owner of Total Gaming Channel is Ajju Bhai. Only free fire related content is put on the Total Gaming channel, but videos of games like Minecraft, GTA Online, and pubg mobile are also put on the channel.

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