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Top 5 best Minecraft Servers to Join

Survival Life is a great experience for players, teaching players how to survive in a dense jungle with dangers in a few objects. Now one of them is the Minecraft game which is quite famous and one of the best games. Every single player will be able to experience a survival life where players desperately need to do all these things in the game, from developing things to arranging food for themselves or creating assassins for their protection. In Survival Life the player will be able to survive. Then it will prove to be a new experience and a great game for the players.

In this article, a great server has been released for the players, which proved to be very famous among the players as well as a great server that can be run quite well on the players’ phones. And remember this server has been released for the new update of Minecraft. Players will be sent to a new experience and a wonderful world that is successful in giving players a great experience of the game with fun.

1. Lifesteal SMP

Top 5 best Minecraft Servers to Join

lifesteal smp Which is successful in providing a great experience of survival game which otherwise has few conversations and many great battles are present. And in this server, buildings have been given in many places in which you and your friends can fight together with your enemy to defeat them. And this server left no stone unturned to attract a lot of people as it proved to be one of the most common and one of the best servers for Android.

If you want to run this SMP server well in your mobile without lag, it starts from 12:00 in the night, at that time the player can take control very easily.

2. one block server

Top 5 best Minecraft Servers to Join

One block server, which is a very good server, allows players to play here all the time, in which there is a special thing for players in this server, often the player will not be able to lag even during his game, which is a very good thing for the players.

And this server can run well with 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM. And the most important thing about Sarwar is that Sarwar is easily run in any version of Minecraft. Which will spawn you in a high place in Minecraft, after which your journey will start in which you will get a great experience in many adventure-filled worlds

3. Mox MC

Top 5 best Minecraft Servers to Join

Mox MC is a fun and innovative server with many famous streamers + YouTubers playing. Everyone is welcome with open arms to join this server! Because with dozens of custom features, this server will provide you with hours of entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else! That is, it is going to be very good for you and sir and will greatly enhance your entertainment.

Which player-wise features have been released, which the player can take advantage of in many great ways, in which we have the players with their powers and this server will help you to achieve a great fight which will be a great experience for you.

4. Minewind

Top 5 best Minecraft Servers to Join

Minewind Servers Which will serve as a great server for players is also one of the best servers in Minecraft. It has a lot to offer, including a great location where the player will do everything he can to keep himself alive, even fighting friends and other enemies.

In this server, a great fight with many weapons and every single feature has been released to entertain the players. The player will fight the enemies till the end and whether he will be able to achieve his victory or not, you must try this server once, which will be a much better fighting experience for you.

5. PirateCraft

Top 5 best Minecraft Servers to Join

Sail, build, and loot in Pirate Craft, a server dedicated to the golden age of scurvy and piracy. PirateCraft is one of the most ambitious servers we’ve played with, which manages to keep players entertained and have a great fighting experience.

In which the player will spawn on a large ship where keep a distance from robbers and other friends because to survive here friends or opponents can kill you at any time, so you have to be always on alert. And to survive here, keep food, water and weapons with you because when the war starts then you will be able to last long.

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1 Diamonds inside ravine.
2 Diamonds in a sinkhole.
3 Savanna Village, shipwreck and buried treasure.
4 Blacksmith Villages.
5 Ravine and abandoned mineshaft.

1 Biomes O’plenty.
2 Alex’s Mobs.
3 Immersive Portals.
4 RLCraft.
5 Pixelmon.
6 SkyFactory 4.
7 Better Minecraft.

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