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Top 5 Best graphics Mobs in GTA Online

You must be aware of GTA Online mods, many YouTube channels use these mods to make videos interesting, and you also enjoy watching them. But do you know what are the best mods in GTA online, if you do not know then no problem, then we will tell you about the top 5 modes of GTA Online by playing which you can make your gameplay more fun?

GTA Online only gets interesting when you add mods to the game, not only can you change the game in your way, you can make the game more interesting by adding mods to the game. So without any delay let’s start the list of the top 5 GTA Online mods and how you can use them.

#1. VisualV

Top 5 Best graphics Mobs in GTA Online

VisualV is one of the best mods that every GTA player will love to download. Using this mod will make a big difference to hundreds of Los Angeles photos and movies. As well as the Edit modifier brings in better color correction and plenty of additions to Los Santos and Blaine County to add some life to a certain rendering. Due to the VisualV mod, the game focuses on very fine detailing and gives the player a real-world experience.

Talking about the popularity of the mod, so far this game has completed 2.5M downloads on, and the mod has been rated 4.74/5 stars. VisualV has its own ReShade and ENB presets, with the heat haze effect only available for VisualV.
VisualV has introduced several optional changes to improve the game experience, including a variety of features such as advanced motion blur, improved positioning of the pause menu, dynamic shadows from pedestrian vehicles, ENB settings, and procedural shadows.

#2. ProjectRELOAD Texture Overhaul

Top 5 Best graphics Mobs in GTA Online

Project ROAD Texture Overhaul mod has been downloaded by 150k people so far and according to them, using this mode shows a lot of improvement in the graphics of the game. Better vegetation texture (plants, trees, rocks) by downloading this game. Texture + Improved wall, sidewalk, ground, grass, ivy, and soil texture. Things like +better props+better lads+better decals+better billboards change a lot, due to which the game shows great graphics detailing, and the gaming experience becomes better.

However, there is a lot of work going on on the Project ROAD Texture Overhaul mods right now, due to which you may be late in getting the update of this mod, the team is doing a lot of experiments on this mod and is making this mod better day by day. If you have an interest in this mode, then definitely try it, you will enjoy it.

#3. LA Vegetation

Top 5 Best graphics Mobs in GTA Online

LA Vegetation This is the original mod but in.OIV form for those who don’t want to install it manually. This mod has to be implemented manually and if you have a low-end computer, some people don’t want to install it manually for this they can go to this IP address:

Before implementing this mode, know its pros and cons, this mod changes some vanilla textures and may cause problems for some users. If you have a low-end computer, this mode is not right for you. It is mandatory to have 8GB RAM before installing this mode, then only the mode will work perfectly on your device and you will get a good result.

#4. Xranovision’s ReShade [Like Redux]

Top 5 Best graphics Mobs in GTA Online

It’s like downloading redux but it’s like redux lite version. But I recommend you download the scene first. Downloading this mode will result in high sharpness (like 4k textures) and no FPS drop. Not only this, features like high contrast, dark shadows, bloom, and dark nights are given in this mode.

This mode can also be used to see better and more cinematic cutscenes, use this mode, and you will see the difference in the graphics. Overall, many users are satisfied with using this mode, and they are quite happy. This mode in the game does very fine detailing, due to this the game looks much better, and the player also enjoys a lot in playing the game using this mode.

#5. GTA Realism

Top 5 Best graphics Mobs in GTA Online

GTA Realism Mod is one of the most detailed realism mods ever created, an upgrade to the Realism mods created for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Using this mode the user can see the difference in graphics and gameplay physics. The special feature of this mode is that the weight system changes the weapon carrying and gives better performance in photorealistic backgrounds, but this mode also has some cons, which GTA 5 can cause crashes for low-end systems.

But this mode is only for those devices, which use more than 8GB RAM. Because here the mode comes with a very large file size, because of this your PC will be able to handle only which has more than 8GB+ RAM, otherwise, your game may crash, because in this mode a lot of features are given which are quite a big file size.

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