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Top 5 Most Powerful Characters in Dragon Ball

DRAGON BALL Who doesn’t know Shukla who has gained immense popularity in every single country, and DRAGON BALL SUPER contains some of the most powerful characters in DRAGON BALL, but their exact power rankings are always in motion.

And Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to Akira Toriyama’s hugely successful manga series, Dragon Ball. The show is about Beerus, the god of destruction, who wakes up after a decade-long sleep and wants to defeat Goku. Due to its excellent story, people like to watch it a lot, in which very interesting scenes are shown with the best characters. Today some of those best characters have been made available here.


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Mr. Shaitan is a tall man, with a muscular and hairy physique and takes on an attractive appearance when seen in public. This is such a character in which there are many amazing powers, who has won much mastery with his amazing powers.

If you want many great fighting, then this character can give you here, because the one who never annoyed his devotees often tries to attract more people to him. And this is one of the best and very strong characters in the Dragon Ball series.


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This character is a girl who is quite different from your massive body. There is a magical girl, who does her work thoughtfully, in which there are many amazing powers, which proved to be very good in the series of Dragon Ball due to her fighting skills.

As fighters from the Dragon Ball Multiverse battle each other in Tournament of Power, Brian is the most powerful from Universe 2. This is what makes the character special in the story.


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This character must have been seen by a lot of people because he is very famous and known for very good fighting, he has shown his powers in the dragon series to win one-to-one battles. And Krillin is his lifelong best friend of Goku. He’s a Z Fighter who’s short and bald (except in his later years).

and he provides comic relief during some tense moments. Seeing which people will never be able to stop laughing, and this character has always been shown with a happy mood which sends people towards a good feeling.


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FROST which is the most powerful of the pretty amazing universe, and there have been a few episodes of this character. In which he is going to display his powers to the very best, which you must see. And it is so powerful that the one who has defeated the heroes in one go. And Frost is an antagonist of the Dragon Ball series.

He made his debut with Dragon Ball Super. He served as the secondary antagonist of the Universe 6 arc. Which has proved to be a very good adversary for the people.


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The display is slender, purple, and has broad, long pointed ears, similar in appearance to the Cornish Rex and Sphynx cats. His eyes are bulging and yellow. He has a different personality and this character is famous among many people for his speed.

whose speed no one can guess because it is made only for speed and for very good fighting, which is dangerous in dragon ball Works as a villain. And Dispo has defeated many great heroes. In which he is seen very well while using his powers.

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