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Top 5 Android & iOS games to earn real money (without any investment)

Hearing the word game only reminds me of entertainment and but do you know? You can also earn money by playing games, and you do not need to make any kind of investment or take any kind of monthly subscription, and all things are free up cost. All you have to do is download the games and earn money playing them.

There is a make-money gaming applications on many platforms but not all apps are real and in many apps, some terms and conditions are given on winning money, you have to do clear, and only then you are given money.

But we will tell you about some special and best real money-making gaming apps from all the apps, by playing you can win a lot of money and all the apps are genuine and you can withdraw them immediately after winning the money.

1. Blackout Bingo

Top 5 Android & iOS games to earn real money (without any investment)

Blackout Bingo offers tons of free rewards and the chance to travel from New York to Paris, Hawaii, and more for free. In this game, you get real-world prizes and cash prizes. The game has been downloaded by 6-7 million people so far, and in their view, the game is quite fun and believable.

If we talk about the feature of the game, then you have beautiful graphics and effects in the game. The player does not need to rely on his luck in this game, as the player can win the game by using his skills and special boosts. Practice your bingo skills in simple one-card play and the skills can add up to 4 cards to increase the fun.

Blackout Bingo gives you a variety of ways to make money, including using the coupon code on your first cash game to get a $5 bonus cash and deposit/withdraw via credit card or your PayPal account. Rewards include Amazon gift cards and cash payments.

2. Bingo Cash

Top 5 Android & iOS games to earn real money (without any investment)

Bingo Cash is a game in which you can earn money by playing a live tournament, and many more prizes are given in this game. If you like the story, bash, clash, holiday, tycoon, pop, showdown all these games, then you will love this game. In the game, you will be matched against other players within the same skill level, and you will all get the same balls and cards so you will have no problem playing the game.

The game has the lowest entry fee for cash tournaments of $1, which has a prize pool of $7 and the winner takes home $2.90 and much more. You can win lots of money by playing this game, and the game can be downloaded for free. Bingo Cash has over 48,000 reviews on the App Store and 4.7 out of 5 overall ratings.

3. AppStation

Top 5 Android & iOS games to earn real money (without any investment)

The reason for the AppStation app you can earn money sitting at home is to download this app and earning up to $200 per day, but you may get paid $90 per survey. Money can be earned by playing games in the AppStation app, you just have to download it, the game can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

As soon as you start playing you will get 200 – 300 coins per minute, which is about $0.02 but you can earn a limited amount of coins for each gameplay. The more you play the game given in the app, the more you get coins. The easiest way to earn money from this app is to invite friends, you can get 250 coins for each friend, and also get 25% of your friend’s earnings. This is a very easy and fast way to earn money from this app.

AppStation should also be used when you have time and like to play up games. With the help of this app, you can earn money and entertain yourself in your free time.

4. Solitaire Cash

Top 5 Android & iOS games to earn real money (without any investment)

If you like playing card games then the Solitaire Cash game can be a great option for you. Not only will you enjoy this game because of this you can win lots of money and free rewards. This app is legit, this application has received an average of 4.6/5 stars for a 130k+ rating, the #3 card game on the Apple Store. The app lets you earn up to $83 per win in minutes, but Solitaire Cash is currently only available on the App Store for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

The fastest way to earn money by playing Solitaire Cash is by participating in cash tournaments. Some tournaments, such as Adrenaline Rush, offer a $20 prize pool and a $7 entry fee. This means that the more tournaments you play, the more chances you will get to earn money.

5. Pool Payday

Top 5 Android & iOS games to earn real money (without any investment)

You can compete with friends live and online in this Skillz-powered pool game. If you like pool games, then you must try this game, you will get entertainment in the game but you can win a lot of money and prizes with the help of this game. This is a free pool game where you can compete with your friends for cash and prizes.

It will only cost $0.60 to enter, and if I win, I’ll get $1 more 50 tickets and for a $2 entry fee, I can enter a contest for a chance to win $300 and 150 tickets. The more you play the game, the better the result will be. To master this game, you have to practice a lot, you have to perform as well as possible to win the game, and only then you can earn money in this game.

Pool Payday is a legit gaming app with more than 70,000 ratings on the App Store and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. The game is quite simple, all you have to do is download the game and you can play this game with a live player. Money can be withdrawn immediately after winning the match. The game can be played online and offline, so you can practice by playing it alone and improve your skills.

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