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Villager trading hall in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Villager trading hall in Minecraft: In Minecraft, there are several ways to obtain valuable and rare items, one of them being the Village Trade Hall, which can assist players throughout the game.

Village trade halls are a way for players to have a constant ability to trade with villagers for valuable or rare items. A trading hall is a player created structure in Minecraft Over world that can create different types of villagers when used with a village breeding area.

Your trading hall should only include businesses that you visit frequently. For emerald farming you probably need to have a lot of farmers (if you have an automated pumpkin farm) and stone masons (if you have a stone farm), Fletcher (if you have an automated bamboo farm, Because bamboo can be crafted into sticks), butcher (if you have an automated kelp farm to convert dried kelp blocks) in a nutshell:

deeper look at villager trading halls in Minecraft

Investigate rural businesses, determine what you can farm automatically, and convert half your villagers into a profession that buys you plenty of stuff.

The other half should be selling stuff you’ll be buying frequently. This may strike a chord with farmers, as the golden carrot is technically the best food in the game (but that’s going to change at some point with the new Battle Update).

The most useful to me seem to be rural librarians and their charms. Some people keep lots of fletchers for tipped arrow and bow supplies.

In my experience selling witchcraft to just 1 villager renders most other professions redundant. You can use repair books on your armor, weapons , and tools and never buy them again.

In the current world I am using we have 2 rural business halls. Most of the villagers there have librarians. With villagers having the ability to lose and then gain skills, you can get the book you want at a reasonable emerald price and with a tick cane fields you have a good way to get emeralds as well.

Having said so In 1.18 one tick farm is not going to work and therefore it is worth keeping other farms to get the emerald. I have melons and pumpkins so farmers are needed. I also have villagers to supply me with diamond gear that I can disenchant before I can book them. We also have an enderman farm to gain XP because the gold farm will not be created before 1.18 arrives.

Any other villager eg. Fletcher, Masons, Clerics are just an added bonus.

Why are Minecraft villagers ugly?

At the most recent Minecraft conference (Minecraft live), he said that the true lore of Minecraft would never be revealed. So we’ll never know why vanilla-singleplayer is the way it is. Why is everything made of blocks, why is there only one human left on the planet- etc.

My theory is this: everything is the dragon’s fault

She sprays toxic fumes (the ender dragon has an egg, so it’s a canonical girl) hurting the player, so I’m assuming the dragon came to Earth and brought a new undiscovered toxic chemical with it.

The said chemical mutated everything in its path. Who knows? Maybe the Endermen are actually moving corpses of humans, so they can keep the block down.

And the Ugly Villager is just a new development that was once abandoned to the Monkeys when the Dragon infected the entire Earth.

Maybe Steve wants to take revenge on the dragon for killing his entire race. Maybe that’s why when you kill the Ender Dragon you “win” the game.

Do villagers need beds to restock in Minecraft?

To answer your question succinctly, no, they don’t need beds to rest on. However they do need beds to breed and reproduce. However, since your question is about restocking, no they don’t require beds.

For a villager to resubmit his business, you just need to give him prior access to the job block. Here’s a quick guide on how to force a villager to re-stock trades.

  1. Grab a villager with any profession, as long as he must have a profession.
  2. You will then need to lock his trade at day time.
  3. The villager will then work and do the 2nd restock.
  4. After you are able to lock all trades after doing it 2 times in a game day it will then keep restock until it almost gets to sunset.

Key reminders:

  • they must be directly connected or have full access to the job block
  • and yeah, you don’t need beds unless you want to breed them.

What is the point of a Minecraft beacon? 

All the technical reasons have already been written so I won’t rewrite it. I will give you an alternate reason for them.


It is extremely difficult to obtain them.

164 blocks of something expensive (iron blocks are the cheapest, netherite blocks are the most expensive)

3 Withered Heads (got to kill a lot of Wither Skeletons for this, with a 2.5% chance to rob 3 – 8.5% on Cornerstone)

4 Spirit sand/clay, have to find, well, it’s not difficult, just find it.

Summoning and withering can be very difficult, or you can cheat and use the base. Fighting it can be really annoying.

That is to get 1 bottom star (there still needs to be 3 obsidian and 5 glass to make the beacon, not difficult).

You can put 6 together and get all 6 power ups

Granted, you don’t need 164 blocks for all 6, you can do it with just 244 blocks.

But you still need to gather all of the nether stars, and that’s going to take a lot of time.

Look what I did, I made a 6 power fully charged beacon. Look at my flex!

To be fair, I did this when I used to play more. I made a wither skeleton farm and got lots of heads, then used the bedrock cheat to kill the withers easily, so I made 3 of these pyramids (I also had an iron farm for the blocks).

I had 6 more stacks of heads on that server, I could have made 128 more beacons, I had lots of flex 

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