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Top 5 most underrated Hero-students in My Hero Academia, ranked

U.A. The current group of students, ranging from Hitoshi Shins to Daiku, are shaping up to be the strongest hero in My Hero Academia. U.A. High occupies the most important place in My Hero Academia—the school’s job is to teach young people how to manipulate.

behave, and most importantly, regulate their quirks. As such, those who graduate from this prestigious school go on to become some of the best pro heroes in Japan.

1. KYOKA Jiro

The Kyoka Zero, also known as Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack, is the holder of seat 12 in Class 1-A. Zero’s quirk, the earphone jack, allows him to plug his earphone jack into things, allowing him to hear slight sound vibrations from his surroundings.

The gyro can also transmit the sound of its own heartbeat through its lobes, causing vibration attacks such as violent earthquakes with the structures around it or the Earth.


Terah is deeply underestimated for what he is capable of. While technically designated as a rescue hero, his “black hole” quirk is one of the few abilities capable of battling elusive villains like Kurogiri or the slime monster.

Additionally, it has raw, destructive power in dire situations. Because she fulfills a rare position that heroes who rely on raw power like Endeavor or All Might cannot fulfill, this makes her a vital ally in any hero team she wishes to join.

3. Cementoss

This Quirk is a city’s powerhouse. This allows the user to freely manipulate materials such as cement, as long as they are touching the surface. So it basically gives you a cluttered overhaul in the urban area.

And I don’t have to tell you why the one-off overhaul is still more than impressive. So unless you have the power to continuously blast through entire walls, cementoss probably has your number.

4. Camie Utsushimi

You might naot expect a quirk called Glamour that does cami quirks, but its functionality is kind of incredible. She can create confusion on a large and small scale. For example.

she can trick an opponent into thinking their environment is different from what they really are and use her illusions to sneak up on them.

Outside of combat, Cami’s quirks have virtually unlimited utility. . She could make an A+ presentation in history class, or alternate endings to her favorite TV show.

5. Koji Koda

Koda is one of the more passive members of Class 1-A, and this unfortunately puts him behind obsessive psychoses such as Midoriya and Bakugo.

His quirk, the Envoice, is pretty awesome in my opinion. Still, controlling animals isn’t as effective on days when you can only get a few insects and squirrels.

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1 Endeavor. No. 1 Hero.
2 No. 3 Hero.
3 Mirko. No. 5 Hero.
4 Kamui Woods. No. 7 Hero.
5 Yoroi Musha. No. 9 Hero.
6 Gang Orca. No. 12 Hero.
7 Mt. Lady. No. 23 Hero.
8 Manual. No. 222 Hero.

1 Toru Hagakure.
2 Kyoka Jiro.
3 Tsuyu Asui.
5 Mina Ashido.
6 Yaoyorozu Momo.
7 Ochaco Uraraka.