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Top 5 best Armor games on PC

Armor is a free gaming website that hosts Flash games that range from MMO games, action games, adventure games to strategy games, miscellaneous games, etc. Games in Armor Game Library are uploaded and maintained by the developer of the game. The website serves as the console for Flash games and also has achievements, currency, and features to unlock new games. Armor’s homepage will display the most popular games, new games and sports promotions at the top, followed by different categories of games.

The website also has forums that may be useful to the various users of the website. The website has two special sections, they are News section and Sports section of the day. The top section of the armor covers different categories of games, and also has a search bar that can be used to search for the title or genre of the game. The most impressive features of the Armor website include multiple themes, daily updates, search box, game news, etc.

1. Ivaldi’s Endless Mist

Top 5 best Armor games on PC

The second best variety of the Mist Armor set is Ivaldi’s Endless Mist. At level 9, a full set gives 137 power, 250 defense, and 176 vitality which makes it ridiculously durable. The armor is best for straight fighting builds and also provides incredibly useful health regeneration, similar to other Myst armor sets. The only thing holding it back is the lack of bonuses for runic abilities.

Runic powers are, after all, very strong attacks that if used properly can make Kratos invincible and capable of inflicting brutal damage at the end of the game. Unfortunately, though, Endless Haze Armor doesn’t provide any bonuses for this.

2. 1941: Frozen Front

Top 5 best Armor games on PC

Frozen Front is an alternate history game whose mission revolves around the bloodiest campaign of WW2, none other than Hitler’s war against the Soviet Union. The game allows its players to command both Soviet, Russian and German armies. Players engage in turn-based battles, which take place on a hexagonal grid map.

Players undertake multiple missions that range from destroying enemy units to capturing supply centers and demolishing enemy positions. While playing, you have to spend action points to transport soldiers and vehicles. Once you have consumed the action points the enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence) will start advancing their forces and attack units. This game has amazing depth.

3. This War of Mine

Top 5 best Armor games on PC

We have become accustomed to war, mortar shells and firing on the ground around us. It is not often that we look at war from the perspective of civilians who may be affected by it. It’s a different take on the mine combat style that swaps out an arsenal of weapons for dwindling supplies and replaces non-stop action with slow survival. Controlling a group of civilians, players must do everything possible to survive in their makeshift shelter until a ceasefire is reached between the warring nations.

The (fictional) city of Pogoren, Graznavia has been greatly affected by the conflict, leaving behind minimal supplies and equipment. Manage hunger, health and mood levels by getting creative with what tools you can find to avoid being another casualty of battle. Only under the cover of darkness can you scour the ravaged city – but the horrors of war never really sleep, and even the surviving companions can be your downfall.

4. Nuka-Girl Space Suit

Top 5 best Armor games on PC

For players who want a little more pizzazz in their outfits, with special damage resistance, the Nuka-Girl Space Suit is a good choice. It can be looted from the effigy sitting on the rocket at Nuka World inside the amusement park sector. It is still loved by audiences today, all the trademarks of typical sci-fi films from the 1950s, making it one of the game’s most unique armor sets.

Unfortunately, the suit isn’t great at conventional firepower, but it boasts a very high resistance to both Energy and Raid damage, making it a solid choice when going up against enemies wielding energy weapons. The glass bowl helmet also allows the player to breathe underwater indefinitely if they so choose.

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