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Top 5 beginner hous idea designs in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, with over 200 million sales since its inception.

As a survival based game, building a shelter home is an important part of the Minecraft experience. Of course, homes depend on the creativity of the players and can range greatly in design depending on the materials available, personal preference and use case.

For those struggling to create an epic house design, this guide will explain five of the best Minecraft house blueprints for beginners.

best Minecraft house designs that are beginner friendly

These simple minecraft houses come in many shapes and sizes and are often featured in Minecraft related posts on various platforms. From YouTube videos to Reddit posts and beyond, there’s no shortage of homes for new players to take inspiration from.

By building a house, beginners can learn many building tricks that will stick with them in the future. With that in mind, here are five great house designs for newbies.

#1. Cheap Starter House

Costing only one pile of cobblestone and one pile of wood, while still maintaining a stylish look, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this.

This house design is perfect for any beginner player and can even be built on the first night of the game, if things go well. In addition to looking extremely comfortable, this home design makes sure to take full advantage of how limited it is, with storage space, space for a crafting table, a furnace, and a bed.

#2. Farmhouse

The farmhouse aesthetic is characterized by a rustic vibe of wooden and stone buildings, surrounded by expanses of wheat as well as other Minecraft crops. This ensures that the player will be well fed, but it also adds a very calm, almost calm atmosphere that often occurs over large expanses of farmland.

The combination of wood and stone brings with it a sense of comfort and security, as warm wood tones welcome players, while the cool gray of stone exudes an aura of security and strength.

#3. Treehouse

Treehouses are a great way to take advantage of any large tree that has sprawling branches that are often difficult to cut. Players can use naturally occurring cards as the foundation for their roof. This will keep players off the ground and allow a 180-degree view of the surrounding forest.

These tall trees often make gorgeous visual focal points for the forest, and can likewise be used as a visual marker for the home. This makes them natural centers for expanding the player base and other Minecraft activities.

#4. Smallest House

While this build from YouTuber “B4Builders” certainly won’t be suitable for all use cases, it’s certainly a remarkable alternative and deserves a mention on this list because of its uniqueness.

This build is incredibly compact, which makes it useful in special scenarios. It’s also rather stylish and still includes room for sleeping, storage space, crafting tables and furnaces.

#5. Mansion

For those wishing to live more lavishly, a mansion is an excellent project to showcase the wealth of resources and items that you have discovered. As you would expect, the more elaborate and elaborate the construction, the more difficult it is to execute in Survival, but you can easily achieve a modular approach to your mansion if you plan it; Build room by room, floor by floor, and add connective tissue and aesthetic embellishments after the fact.

While you can always explore and acquire sprawling woodland mansions spread across your world, it will likely feel like a hollow victory. It is only through hard work and perseverance that the downfall of a mansion can be truly felt earned.

What is the best starter house in Minecraft?

You took birth in the world, gathered some wood, and made stone tools! Now it’s time to build the shelter for your first night. But what kind of house should you build? In this blog post, I am going to give you 10 Minecraft Starter House Ideas.

  1. Mangrove Starter House
  2. Larger Underground House
  3. Japanese Pagoda-Style House
  4. Mountain-Side House
  5. 3-Floor White Container House
  6. Modern House With Pool
  7. Large Japanese House
  8. Luxury Modern House
  9. Pink Modern House
  10. Survival Starter House

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