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top 5 badass anime characters of all time

There are a lot of badass anime characters that we watch and many fans also like these badass anime characters so today we are making a list of badass anime characters for you. And badass is not a word to be used lightly.

With each anime everything can be terrifying, cool or just plain awful in its own way, but badass is an entirely different field in its own right. Which has a very serious and slightly funny type of series, if you like badass as we like badass, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the list of Top 5 Badass Anime!

1. the misfit of demon king academy

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Our main character in the story who is shown to be very powerful and very bad in behavior. Now let’s move towards the story where the demon king whom everyone considers bad, but in reality, he is not bad at all, that is why he has to lose his life, now why he lost his life is quite a mystery. To know this, you have to see the story.

but there is a great twist in the story, after 2000 years the demon king becomes alive in the same place. This same demon king whom people were afraid of and called him bad. You can also see it as a dangerous villain, who is involved in the most powerful and dangerous fight. Which can be seen in just 13 episodes.

2. gangsta

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In the story, the feeling of a criminal arises from its name because here 2 criminals are shown in the form of a gangster, they have more purpose to eliminate people, and they are very successful in executing the theft very cleverly, And the method of these two is different among criminals.

And both of them are like best friends. Which will lead to interesting parts of the story, including their best fights or conversations with dangerous people and committing big thefts. By seeing which you can test the culprits in the best way.

3. the king’s avatar

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This anime is Japanese which features a lot of great action fights and offers a great story experience with it, our main character is shown as beautiful and very fashionable. The story starts in a Chinese city where a game is becoming very famous among the people.

And in that game, every city citizen wants to be the best, among them our main character who is very professional in this game, and he works with a great team, but he got kicked out of that team. Now why our character has been removed from the team.

you will have to see in the story. Where the story will begin in which our character will acquire many amazing powers, fight with evil forces and take himself to the gaming world of his dreams and two seasons of the story have been made available.

4. juiutsu kaisen

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s shnen manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump since March 2018. And you will know this in Annie because it has grown in popularity.

which is created by MAPPA Studio, in which each character was created with great detail who has a lot of powers in himself. We have a main character in this story in which two forms are hidden, one evil and one good, which is quite surprising and he is very famous for fighting and his evil in people.

5. fate/stay night

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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is an anime series produced by Ufotable. It is based on the visual novel Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon. The narrative is based primarily on the Unlimited Blade Works story in the visual novel and follows Shirou Emiya, a high school student and amateur magician living in the city of Fuyuki, Japan.

Where our main character is a girl who is famous among people for her fighting and many excellent skills. Which can go to any extent to defeat her enemies in the story going forward. And there are 24 episodes of Kahaani, which you must watch

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1 Guts – ‘Berserk’
2 Hyakkimaru – ‘Dororo’
3 Itachi Uchiha – ‘Naruto’
4 Ken Kaneki – ‘Tokyo Ghoul’
5 Levi Ackerman – ‘Attack On Titan’

1 Rintaro Okabe from ‘Steins;Gate’
2 Itachi Uchiha from ‘Naruto’
3 Shinji Ikari from ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’
4 Ken Kaneki from ‘Tokyo Ghoul’
5 Natsuki Subaru from ‘Re:Zero’
6 Hyakkimaru from ‘Dororo’
7 Guts from ‘Berserk’

1 Vash the Stampede.
2 Makunouchi Ippo.
3 Yui Hirasawa.
4 Rock Lee.
5 Takashi Natsume.
6 Wenge Kong.
7 Kakeru Kurahara.
8 Mutta Nanba.