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The best detective games on PC and Android

2022 is likely to be a slow year for new video games, but one of the great things about having a good gaming PC is that you’re rarely hungry to play great new video games.

In recent years, Microsoft has devoted itself to releasing all of its games on Xbox and PC, and even PlayStation is starting to release its pre-exclusive games on PC. Then there are third-party multiplayer games, and then there are PC-exclusive games.

1. Please Fix The Road

‘When you solve one of its 150 puzzles, manipulate the tiles to create a clear road from point A to point B, and the little car that issued the request is able to complete its journey, the car explodes. Is. To be precise, when the car reaches its destination it is launched into the sky, hitting the wheel on the bonnet until – boom! – It is surrounded by flames, a blazing debris flying in the air.’

‘Things start out simple, but get complicated fairly quickly. The restrictions on the number of tiles you play help keep you focused – there aren’t too many options to deal with – but as the number of tiles increases, it becomes an all-encompassing, but always enjoyable test of intelligence. it occurs.

2. The Letter

For those who like Supermassives Till Dawn or The Quarry, you might want to check out The Letter. The game is a horror visual novel where you control seven characters who are eventually caught in a deadly curse. They’ll need to figure out how to break the curse before they can kill it.

The game doesn’t rely a ton on jump scares and focuses more on scaring you through its writing and effective sound design. The characters in this game also take the front seat. They’re not just there to kill ghosts. They’re out there, they feel real. As a result, you want these characters to make it come alive. In a genre filled with games where cheap jump scares take precedence and the game’s cast is as flat as a piece of cardboard, The Letter is a breath of fresh air.

What makes Letter so similar to Dawn or The Quarry are its incredibly deeply branching paths and character relationships, all influenced by your choices. Depending on the relationship of the two characters with each other, they may end up together. Or, if they absolutely hate each one, something else might be going on.

3. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the overhyped mess Watch Dogs. Think of Watch Dogs like a GTA game, but you can hack an entire city with the push of a button. Watch Dogs 2 follows the story of its prequel; However, you are now in Marcus Holloway’s place.

Marcus Holloway is a member of DedSec in the San Francisco Bay Area. He goes by the nickname “Retr0”. Marcus is well adapted and all-rounder when it comes to hacking. He can hack any character, learn their information, and even cars and electronics. With this set of skills, Marcus aims to take revenge for branding CTOS 2.0 as a criminal.

Watch Dogs 2 is honestly what should have been the first game. A more clear mechanics and a well written story. In my opinion, this is definitely the best Watch Dogs game out there, and that’s why we put it on the list here.

4. Blur

Some of you will remember this legend. Blur was released in 2010, and it brought a whole new feel to racing games. Right now there are many racing games in the racing category with different playing styles, but Blur was the game that made its mainstream debut.

Despite its distinct playing style, the game’s cards and maps are still impressive. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the sequel to Blur. The game still has many fans, and we’re still looking forward to seeing a sequel after many years. Till then we have a rusty game in our hands.

5. Heavy Rain

If you think it’s fun to solve crimes and mysteries from the perspective of a single character, wait till you try this game. Heavy Rain uses an unconventional gaming approach where four characters come together to solve a mysterious case. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to play as each of them and see things from their point of view.

The game centers around a character named Ethan Mars, who also happens to be the protagonist of the game. He teams up with three other characters trying to uncover the secrets of a serial killer. All the characters are in this together because of a major event that takes place in the game.

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