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Popular black and white anime characters female names

Anime characters are known for their contrasting skin tone variations, which range from fair, light-toned, or dark. Every name in the anime world is a perfect example of perfection when it comes to designing and performance.

Some of them are samurai, war veterans, zombies, or even old school flirtatious characters. Popular black anime characters are listed below, based on personality, power, and appearance.

Black anime characters are not common in anime, but are somewhat relevant in the history of the genre. This list is going to include the 5 best black anime characters of all time.

Some of them are heroes, some are heroes, and some are villains, but whatever their affiliation, they are awesome and we’re going to tell you a little bit about them.

Best Black Anime Characters of All Time

1. Nessa

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Nessa is the gym leader at Hullbury’s gym, officially known as Hullbury Stadium. He specializes in Water-type Pokémon. She gives water badges to the coaches who beat her. Nessa has suffered a loss in the Champions Cup at the hands of Milo.

Nessa is a tall, slim black girl with long blue and black striped hair and blue eyes. She wears a gym uniform consisting of a white crop top and shorts with blue and orange detailing as well as the number 049 on it.

For accessories, she wears hoop earrings, two armlets, a Dynamax band and a blue glove on her right hand. She also wears a belly chain and white and blue sandals with a buoy on it.

FAMILY Unnamed mother and father
FRIENDS Victor/Gloria Sonia Bea Gordie

character information

Nessa Strengths:

We’ll review all of his Pokémon to talk about his strengths and weaknesses. Nessa is a water-type trainer who tries her best to cover up her most vulnerabilities.

The golysopod can serve as the perfect counter to the grass-types, which are the water-type’s main weakness and the pelipers with their flying-type attacks.

Quagsire is perfect to use against electric-types as it is immune to them and can learn earthquakes. Barracuda and Seeking are his main offensive water-types, with strong attacks and some other interesting options such as Drill Run or Throat Chop on Barracuda and Megahorn on Seeking (which is perfect for grass-type combat).

Nessa Weaknesses:

If we review his Pokémon, we can clearly see that he doesn’t fully protect his Pokémon against Grass and Electric-types, which are his main weaknesses.

Gollisopod is such a good Pokémon, and it’s perfect to use as a sweeper, but it has emergency exits in the form of its ability, which makes it run away from the field when it reaches half its HP.

Plus, its protection is really poor, so it won’t handle more than two turns. After that, it can easily fall with a strong rock-type attack.

2. Canary

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Canary is the apprentice butler of the Zoldyck family. Whoever attempts to give up his position on the property shall be forcibly removed. The Canary is very loyal to the Zoldyck family.

She is initially presented as a ruthless guardian who doesn’t hesitate to attack intruders, but as Gon mentions, she is not as ruthless as she claims, etc. tries to deny.

She was greatly impressed by his efforts to reach Killua as she felt affection for her young master. Killua was nice to him and chose that they be friends, but he declined because of his position. His loyalty to Killua has more than once caused him to ignore his orders to varying degrees.

AGE 13 (Debut) 15-16 (Current)
HEIGHT 164 cm*[1] (5′4.5″)
WEIGHT 52 kg*[1] (115 lbs)
EYE COLOR Green (1999) Grey (2011)
HAIR COLOR Red (1999) Dark Purple (2011)
Series Hunter × Hunter
Created By Yoshihiro Togashi
Voiced By Reiko Kiuchi (1999), Motoko Kumai (2011)
JAPANESE VOICE Reiko Kiuchi (1999) Motoko Kumai (2011)
ENGLISH VOICE Rocio Barahona (1999) Mela Lee (2011)

character information

Boy killer Killua is one of the four main characters of the Shnen anime “Hunter x Hunter”. Killua is a member of the Zoldik family, all of whom are highly skilled in the art of murder.

After its first couple of tales, “Hunter x Hunter” introduces a magical power named Nan, which is latent in most creatures and is able to manifest through extensive training.

Since Nen powers are unique to their users, a wide variety of Nen abilities appear throughout the series – for example, the fictionally crafted Nove can wield a highly practical superpower that allows him to enter the portal. One can move in and out of an alternate dimension through the medium.

3. Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach

image source: pinterest

There is a beauty in Rukia that cannot be expressed in words. Even for a dark-haired anime girl, her elegance is off the charts.

Her blue eyes and short black hair complement each other so well that anime fans wanted nothing more than to see Rukia marry the main character of Bleach, Ichigo.

What is so special about Rukia is that, apart from her charming demeanor, she also makes for the most beautiful soul cutter in the entire Soul Society.

BIRTHDAY January 14
HEIGHT 144 cm (4’8¾”)
WEIGHT 33 kg (73 lbs.)

character information

They worked together to steal food to survive and became a makeshift family. To show that he is tough, he is a tomboy. During this time Rukia and Renji show signs of having spiritual power.

While he did not initially choose to become a Shinigami, the deaths of all his friends prompted Rukia to join the Academy for a better life.

4. Kurenai – Naruto

Image source: pinterest

Kurenai has a breathtaking wolf-like appearance due to his indomitable, long black hair and his red colored eyes.

Those eyes are among the most unique eyes in Naruto as they have an extra ring around the eyes.

This gives Kurenai quite a mesmerizing outlook. Many anime fans are drawn to Kurenai because she is absolutely fearless and will never back down from a challenge.

FULL NAME Kurenai Yūhi
ALIAS Kurenai Sensei Kurenai Sarutobi (wedding name)
OCCUPATION Team 8, Jōnin
HOBBY Evening Drinking. Teaching her students. Going out with her husband Asuma.
GOALS Protect Konoha from threats (ongoing). Raise Mirai (succeeded).

character information

Kurenai’s feelings for Asuma Sarutobi grew stronger over time, and the two became one of the best couples in the series, despite fans mourning Asuma’s death by denying them additional opportunities to communicate.

Kurenai was a veteran shinobi who helped create an even more formidable shinobi in the next generation, yet some fans remember her only as Asuma’s love interest. Check out the 10 most unique and fun facts about Naruto’s character, Kurenai Yuhi, in this article.

5. Akame – Akame ga Kill

image source: pinterest

The most terrifying killer of all Acme Ga Kill is the show’s main character, Akame.

Her story begins when she was a young girl who was sold to a corrupt government to become an assassin.

She later betrays them and joins forces with Night Raid, an organization determined to eliminate all corrupt officials plaguing the country.

AGE Teens
HEIGHT 164 cm (5’4″)

character information

Akame is often regarded as one of the strongest members of the Night Raid, slaying even the strongest enemies with minimal effort.

His hellish kill training allows his combat ability to be on par with a general as powerful within the military levels of the Empire.

His tegu, One Cut Killer: Murasame, is a katana known for being wrapped in extremely deadly venom that can kill those bitten by it within seconds.

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