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Minecraft starting a new world full information

New Minecraft players starting their first Minecraft world may be confused about where to start. They may be unaware of what to do initially and what to avoid.

For players new to Minecraft survival, it can take a while to defeat the Ender-Dragon. It will already have many tasks, and new players may not even know where to begin.

Players must build armor and equipment as they go on their Minecraft journey. There are many mobs and other entities in the world that can harm the player. Taking armor will give the player some protection.

Players will need weapons and equipment to fight the hordes. Players must find materials to make swords and axes for mining. Players can create swords using stones, gold, iron or diamonds and a stick.

Players can craft a pickaxe using stones, gold, iron or diamonds as well as a sword, except that the pickaxe requires two sticks. Both of these items can be upgraded to netherite, but it may take some time for players to get so far.

Be careful when digging

When starting a new world, some players think that mining straight down will eventually get them diamonds. This is one of the most common Minecraft mistakes players should make.

Digging straight down will increase players’ chances of falling into the lava pool or dying from fall damage. Sometimes digging directly downstream can lead the player to the bottom of the cave.

Players should also be careful when digging directly from caves in Minecraft. Players can hit gravel while doing this. Gravel won’t do much damage to players, but they will take damage from blocks more slowly. Be sure to find a safe entrance to a cave or ravine, and never dig straight down.

Collect Experience Points

Players will need experience points to do things later in the world. Players will need these levels in order to enchant items on Minecraft. Collecting experiences is easy, and there are many things players can do to collect them.

Players can increase their experience level by killing mobs, smelting objects inside the furnace, or mining blocks. Experience Ornaments are small green ornaments, and the player will see them fall to the ground. Once one of the listed tasks is completed, the player will absorb them.

Some tasks will give more experience than others. For example, the first time players defeat the Ender-Dragon, they will be given a huge amount of experience.

Hunt For Rare Items

Powerful and rare items in Minecraft make the game more fun and easy to play. That said, getting these items off one’s hands isn’t easy. Elytra is one of them and requires the player to defeat the Ender Dragon and search the End Islands for the End City with a ship. Elytras let players fly with the help of fireworks.

Another rarity is the Totem of Undying, which can be looted from Evokers. They can be defeated by raiding a village or entering a woodland mansion, the latter being hard to find, but making for a great challenge and adventure. The totem, when held by the player, will protect them from certain death and will be consumed at each possible death.

Try A Challenge

Over the years, Minecraft players have come up with many great challenge ideas to make the game more interesting. Most notable is Skyblock, in which players start out on a small stretch of land suspended in the air with some basics next to the chest. From there, it is up to them to survive and thrive.

Recently, the one-chunk survival challenge is also trending. In this challenge, players must complete as many games as possible without leaving their spawn chunk. Lastly, players should consider trying Minecraft up to speed, as there is a huge speedrunning community around the game with a ton of different strategies.

Exploring The World

At this point, you should now have all the basic tools to survive. You’ll have a house, a bed, tools, and a cooking and storage facility. At this point, it’s time to start collecting the better gear.

You can use crafting tables to make better tools, which last longer and mine blocks faster. The fastest upgrade is to use cobblestone to make stone tools. But as you dig deeper you can find diamonds and iron. Iron is the next upgrade after stone, and diamond is even better. For now the stone will be fine.

You have to dig deep to find iron and diamonds, and this can take a long time. In the meantime, you can learn to explore the world for yourself and play Minecraft. You will learn more as you play. The fun in Minecraft is how you play and explore yourself.

What you do next is up to you. Will you dig deep to find abandoned mines full of loot and dangerous enemies? Would you rather explore the world above to find villages to trade your loot or explore hidden temples to get better gear? Will you be looking for a saddle in a chest hidden in structures so you can ride the horse, or will you work on getting diamond gear?

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