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How to Play Minecraft (Beginner's Guide)

Minecraft can be a difficult game. In addition to a nearly endless world to explore, you’ll encounter dozens of deadly enemies, hundreds of craftable items

and tons of mechanics that have never been properly explained through tutorials. If you’re having trouble getting to grips with this open-ended game, here are the things you should do first in Minecraft if you want to survive.

Build A Shelter

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Nightfall in Minecraft is very dangerous because there are monsters known as mobs that come out at night to attack you. Later these mobs will become another team to progress in your machine, but in the beginning, they are your biggest threat.

The best way to avoid this is to kill sheep and sleep on bedding made to prepare it using their wool and wood. Unfortunately, sheep are only found in specific biomes, so chances are your first night is going to be spent hiding inside the house. Whether it’s dirt, wood, or stone, use your tools to gather enough of your chosen material to build a basic shelter.

Hunt for Food

Food is the most important factor for your survival as it will help you to replenish your health and ensure that you can run. Along with your health bar is a small meter Hunger Meter. If empty, it will affect your health and sprint speed.

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To make sure you are active and healthy, you need to look for food. There are many animals in the game that are harmless and can be hunted for meat. to like

There are also ways to remain vegetarian by surviving on apples that can be found on trees or bread that can be stolen from chests in nearby villages (explained in step 9).

Set World Spawn

There is nothing worse than dying and being born again, really far from where you died. So you’ll want to place the Minecraft world spawn on or near your main base. But, of course,

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you’ll want to make sure you don’t set the world spawn in an area where other mobs spawn, this can make it difficult to retrieve your equipment. Also, your bed also acts as a spawn, so make sure you fall asleep often and never move your bed around, or it won’t reset the spawn.


If you are new to the survival game genre, you might want to try this mod first. It lets you experiment with all the mechanics and assets of the game without worrying about fighting for survival. You can also use creative mode to let your imagination run wild as there is no resource limit.

This means you can create a unique composition in creative mode before attempting to build it in a different mode. But, if you really want to know how to play Minecraft, you’ll want to move on to one of the other two modes.

Loot Villages

If you’re lucky, you can try to find a village to plunder their homes and farms for food. The chests inside their houses usually contain food and other important items that can help you survive.

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