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How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

We all have the possibility to meet non-friend players while playing minecraft online. Whether it is our own friends who are following us or true sorrows and thieves seeking our plunder. So what can you do when you have something valuable that you want to keep hidden? Do you need to hide the entirety of your base?

Luckily, there is a way to hide all your precious treasures in Minecraft using secret doors. From hidden automatic doors to simple hidden doors you can place within your base. There are many options for throwing those pranksters!

Fans have already seen some pretty remarkable builds from the minecraft community, along with big Oreo cookies and fully functioning calculators, that have been taking the internet by storm lately.

However, until Sesame Street’s own Cookie Monster is added in a future update, the heavily sweet cake raider won’t do much to stun crowds or rivals. Fortunately, this is where secret doors come in, as gamers can make them to serve as hidden entrances to bases when playing on Minecraft PvP servers where survival is important.

How to Build a Concealed Door

The easiest type of secret door is one that doesn’t use actual Minecraft doors or any of the more complicated redstone mechanics. This type of secret door is perfect for hiding the rooms inside your base in plain view.

All you’ll need is a hole, two signs and a painting.

Dig the entrance to the room you want to hide. Keep it as a regular 1×2 opening. Place your two signs down on one side of the opening. Make sure the overall size of the wall you are using is large enough for a large painting.

Painting too small will not hide the door efficiently. I found that the perfect height for the wall is 3 blocks. Large paintings like this fit perfectly.

Paintings can only be placed on concrete blocks and signs. Once you have prepared your door all you have to do is paint the wall. The painting will completely cover the opening, but you can still go through the painting and into the room behind it.

Secret Staircases

Similarly for the secret door, we can use redstone to hide the whole staircase. It can be used to hide an entire floor within your base or to completely exclude the actual entrance to your base. This works especially well when paired with the previous design for hidden doors.

Depending on how far away the entrance will be, you may need some sticky pistons. One for each block of stairs.

Begin by lining up your sticky piston by placing it two blocks up in the wall. Make sure there is a free solid block behind your piston, as this is where your redstone wiring will run.

Once all your pistons are placed a ladder block is put down on the side of each of them. Put your regular blocks under the stairs that you will have for this wall.

Now, to hide the stairs, we’ll just put more stairs side by side, as shown in the image below, so that the stairs curve as if they’re part of the wall. It’s the same winding mechanics you use when building spiral stairs.

All that’s left is to pour redstone dust behind the sticky piston on top of each block and hold down your lever or button. Additionally, you can use a Redstone Comparator and an Item Frame as a key to further hide it.

How To Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

There are many ways to create a secret door within your Minecraft world, but the main items in all of them are redstone components and sticky pistons. If you’re not sure where to get these elements, you can find slime for Sticky Pistons in caves and swamp biomes, as well as mining underground to acquire redstone.

Since there are many ways to perform this technique, we will stick with a simpler option that is both good and easy for beginners. In addition, this particular strategy includes a clock and a hidden door bookshelf, where players can remove a lever from the clock’s item frame to reveal the secret room.

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