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Few things are better than a great free-to-play game, and these titles are the best on PC. Great games are a dime a dozen, but the ones that are free to play are something special.

Most free PC games don’t have a lot of content and can be underwhelming, while some promising titles are held back by a dwindling player base or their in-game economy.

That said, there are some great free games out there, including some like Bravalhalla, that have attracted devoted fans despite not having enough reviews to earn a rating on Metacritic. So, for players who are looking for something to jump into that won’t need to open their wallets, they should take a look at these great free-to-download PC games.

Best Free PC Games 

PC gaming has never been in a better place than it is today. Not only can you play games effectively throughout the history of PC gaming on modern machines, you can also get games at incredibly low prices.

With bundle deals, Steam sales, and other exorbitant savings, most PC gamers have more games in their collection than they could ever hope to play. PCs can play games from other platforms as well.


The Genshin Impact has drawn a lot of comparisons to Breath of the Wild, and it’s not hard to see why.

Its open world is vast and jaw-droppingly beautiful, but it also has an abundance of resources to collect, craft, and cook, not to mention puzzles and minibosses, which instead of starting a brawl with the environment with elemental powers.

Best can be done using . The main story will keep you battling for the first 30 hours, but that’s mostly because Tayavat’s vast open world will keep pulling you in every direction, with camps to clean up, puzzles to solve, and the promise of shiny new loot.

There are parts of the open world that you wouldn’t be able to engage with without access to some of the characters that are hidden behind the gacha mechanics, but you can enjoy the full main story and much of the open world paid off relatively seamlessly. can do from. mechanics

2. Runescape

Runescape is a fantasy-based MMO that’s been around for 20 years, and it’s still going along. Despite it having two decades under its belt, Runescape is a popular title that receives regular updates to keep longtime fans happy.

The game gained its footing well before the popularization of the MMO character-archetype Trinity (Tank, DPS, and Healer), so it uses a rock-paper-scissors system where Melee Beats Range, Range Beats Magic, and Melee Beats Range.

Magic Beats Melee. Gameplay is largely a point-and-click affair, but includes a mix of combat scenarios, social interactions, quests, and mini-games. Runescape is easy to get into, and its casual feel and old-school style may leave you so intrigued you’ll never want to leave.

3. League of Legends

From humble beginnings, League of Legends quickly evolved into one of the biggest games in the world, and has been there for years.

The objective of the 5v5 MOBA is simple – destroy your opponents’ base, or Nexus, before they destroy your base – but with over 150 champions, there’s a huge amount to learn. That learning curve is seriously steep, so if you’re a beginner, find a champion you like and master them first.

Once you get to that initial hill, though, there’s also a huge global esports scene, novels of lore, and an ever-evolving competitive environment to get lost in. Premium currency can help you unlock new characters faster, but is mostly reserved for cosmetics.

4. Team Fortress 2

It debuted as a trio of Valve’s anti-superlative Orange Box, one of the most famous releases in PC gaming history. Team Fortress 2 has changed a lot since the prime days of 2007, and dropping the price tag is one of those changes.

This class-based multiplayer FPS gaming is at its most tactical, but somehow also at its most circus-like. The detective’s pantomime villainy as he stabs another unsuspecting opponent in the back before fleeing in disguise.

The simple pleasure of watching a big heavy one shoot a scout batter to death with a small baseball bat. Pushing payloads into the zone in the dying seconds of Goldrush – they still don’t make this kind of multiplayer shooter, so the fact comes free that TF2 is a no-brainer.

5. Dota 2

Dota 2 is immediately different from the shooters featured above – it’s a far more complex game, a battle field game of 5v5 matches that can take up to an hour to play.

It is extremely difficult, but also utterly addictive, to take into account the nearly limitless combination of possible outcomes at all times. Anyone who’s tried it knows how easily it can suck you in for “one more game,” and developer Valve is constantly tweaking it and adding new characters or features.

Trust us, this might be one to try while its main competitor League of Legends validates a claim on your time.

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Step 1: Open your PC and go to Microsoft Store.
Step 2: Look for Minecraft for Windows 10 and click on it.
Step 3: Click on the Free Trial option.

1. Go to Epic Games Store website and download the Launcher from the top-right corner.
2. Login to Epic Games account or create a new one.
3. Search for GTA 5 in the Epic Games Launcher.
4. Click on the buy now button, make payment, and download the game.

1. Install a Games Launcher. You need to find a reputable store from which to buy games.
2. Create an Account. You can create an Epic Games account or use your Google, Facebook, and console accounts to sign up.
3. Select a Game to Download in the Store.
4. Install the Game From Your Library.