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Best graphics MMORPG Android

MMORPGs are fun stuff. They have the ability to place you in a vast world filled with thousands of other people and you can play them almost infinitely without reaching the end.

His following is huge and extremely loyal. Experiences vary greatly between Android MMORPGs. Additionally, good MMORPGs can take some time to really show their true colors. Thus, it also makes it somewhat difficult to keep up on the latest good ones.

In any case, here are the best MMORPGs for Android! Please note, these all use a free to play model for customization, weapons, etc. There are only a few good games with a subscription model, such as Old School Runescape.

1. Lineage 2: Revolution

Best graphics MMORPG Android

Requires Android 5.1 and up
Downloads 5,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases ₹89.00 – ₹8,900.00 per item
Interactive elements Users Interact, Digital Purchases
Content rating Rated for 12+ • Moderate Violence

Lineage 2: Revolution is one of the new MMORPGs on mobile. It has some nice graphics, tons of content, and the usual array of mobile MMORPG stuff. It does have some unique things though. It includes a 50-vs-50 fortress siege mode which is actually pretty epic when done right.

You can do simple things like quests, join guilds and clans, and more. This is a freemium game. Thus, similar to all of these, it has a lot of issues. However, it’s not too bad for a few dozen hours of fun, as long as you don’t mind a few bugs. You can also earn rewards from Google Play points for this title.

2. Old School RuneScape

Best graphics MMORPG Android

Old School RuneScape is the OSRS for mobile devices. This is one of the most interesting MMORPGs on Android. For starters, you can play it for free without any freemium elements.

You can get even more content if you subscribe. These two are surprisingly different from the freemium model that most MMORPGs use. The game also includes hundreds of quests, a rich in-game economy, and many other things. Membership players also get a map with a ton of extra stuff.

It works cross-platform and the developers do an above average job of listening to the players. The graphics are a bit old school, but everything else about the game is good.

This might be the best MMORPG on mobile right now and if you want better graphics along with the gameplay then a full mobile client is also available (Google Play). You can go with the old school version or the full version. Both are great.

3. Naruto Slugfest

Best graphics MMORPG Android

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the best anime in the world. Because in this show you can feel every episode. With twist and turn. In addition, there are hundreds of characters available. Which has a different story with a different touch. But the game of this biggest anime also gives the same feeling.

Because here you can play with hundreds of players. With amazing landscapes and background music. Plus, like Naruto Shippuden, you’ll have four different types of classes. And they are Earth Keeper, Blazing Lotus, Thunder Assassin and Wind Shooter. Plus, you can explore and do parkour in your local village.

1. Evil Lands

Best graphics MMORPG Android

A game where demonic creatures cause chaos. And you as a human being have to protect the entire human race. With your own strategy and powers. You can have a variety of powers and battles. Creatures like monsters, ghosts and dragons to fight. Also, like Naruto Slugfest. You will have a variety of classes in the characters.

The best part about it is that it is one of the best MMORPG games for Android. That you can customize your characters in your own way. That means, there will be a lot of options to customize. From hair to shoes and clothes to facial expressions. Plus, it has an amazing multiplayer mode where you’re going to play with multiple players.

5. Eternal Sword M

Best graphics MMORPG Android

In Eternal Sword M, there are a variety of characters. With a variety of powers which is a wonderful thing. This means that you can choose from a huge variety of characters. Also, I personally like the combat of this one of the best MMORPG games for Android. Because while attacking, your character changes into different costumes.

Plus, a huge world awaits you in this game. Because there are so many different types of scenarios available. with different types of creatures. So don’t forget to check out this MMORPG game. If you like big games with great graphics and gameplay. Then this MMORPG game is specially curated for you.

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