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5 tips & tricks to rush at houses in Free Fire MAX

Part Free Fire is an art, and those who it is supposed to successfully execute the artists death without. However, a home run a totally different ball game.

Part of a house is starkly different from escaping in the open field. Space is limited, there are multiple layers of old, and blind change everywhere. Successfully being able to eliminate or flush them out enemies is itself an achievement. There are some tips and tricks on vein here that players can use to achieve the same.

While improving communication and team coordination is important, there are some things every Free Fire Max player can implement to achieve higher levels of success on an individual level that results in more kills during risky and aggressive hot-drop fights. May be.

Here are five essential and simple Garena Free Fire Max tips for getting the most kills in hot-drop zones.

1. Secure a good position

The most important aspects it determines that more win against which player or team likely situation. Finding a position with the best line of great cover and sight to see all the action is going on in the area where the battle to win is important.

Galena Free Fire can get Max hot-drop homes within the zone, rocks, trees, ditches, and really good grip on offers various locations like a lot, where the player’s position, which control the tide of battle to get help. Deftly.

However, keep in mind that a position can be filled much to hold long exposure. So be sure to properly use the cover and turn the opponents in the second position to keep on your toes and do not pin down.

2. Try landing in the center of the hot-drop zone

Play the Garena Free the Fire MAX hot-drop during fights is the best way to ensure maximum kill at that center and push outward. Receive stacks of killings in the region is the most effective way to secure.

Simply put, get a clear upper hand side, starting from the center, whether it’s a weapon, status, to spot enemies coming, while hold his position with minimal risk of Flank.

In addition, the teams are usually hot-are trying to make their way inside the drop zone, they have a high probability of encountering other players and squads, which leads to frequent a lot of chaotic fights, and No one wants to come in the middle of a multi. Facing squad.

3. Crouch to dodge shotgun bullet

Shotgun much damage to players, but they can only shoot one at a time. This gun requires a short period of time to reload ammo for every shot. Inclined to take advantage of this loss and avoid falling down from the shotgun.

When to fire the gun on the enemy so you can lean to avoid the bullet. So when they reload your ammo for the next shot to fire back at them.

4. Pro tips for house attack

Throw the grenade before entering homes or blocks. The grenade explosion causes some damage to the enemies caming inside. Now enter the house and kill them.

You should always run very quietly in homes. Press the medcit button while walking quietly. This will help you attack suddenly in the house without seeing the enemy.

5. Auto aim

If you’re using the default AIM accuracy, the auto-AIM feature in Free Fire doesn’t work the way you’d like. It is recommended for you to choose the exact on scope feature. It assists you in headshots to kill the enemy quickly.

These are the four steps to the auto headshot tricks you should learn: crouch, scope zoom in, then crouch, and fire. First, you crouch to avoid bullets from enemies and it’s time to touch the scope button. Then, drag the target point to the enemy’s head, and fire.

The jump shot is also a pro headshot tip. When you jump, it’s harder for opponents to hit you with headshots. In addition, it is easier to shoot from a higher position over the enemy’s head.

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