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5 best weapons in GTA Online after Criminal Enterprises update

GTA Online has come a long way in the past decade. With GTA V, it managed to see its singleplayer component come with tons of updates and even more players. If you are looking for the latest information about the new weapons of GTA Online criminal enterprises, then this is what you need to know.

If you are playing the game now and want to know some more details about GTA Online weekly update, here is everything you need to know. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, we have all the information we currently have on GTA 6.

GTA Online: Best Guns and Weapons to Buy

As part of our GTA Online guide, we’re going to explain what are the best guns and weapons to use. If you’re looking for more information on gear and items, check out our guide on buying and selling the best cars and vehicles, and if you’re using Career Builder, you can read more about the best career builder business. Can learn, vehicles, and weapons to pick up.

1. Assault Shotgun

At a more reasonable $10,000, the assault shotgun is a super effective close-quarters weapon that is sure to rip through an opponent to pieces, armor and all.

The catch is that you can’t buy weapons until you reach rank 37, which may take some initial grinding. Once you have access, it is a must buy in GTA Online especially as one of the best all-round weapons for the price.

2. AP Pistol

Finally, we come to the AP pistol, a starter weapon somehow, despite its looks, as it unlocks after rank 33. This may sound easy due to its price and upgrades, but many players are seen through some tough battles in GTA Online.

Costing only $5,000 with various attachment upgrades and customization options, this is a weapon you can get quite attached to and don’t want to upgrade. Many players will walk around with it as their trusty backup weapon without a second thought, and because of that, we see it as one of the best weapons in GTA Online.

3. Heavy Revolver MK II

The Hawk and Little Heavy Revolver Mk II is a weapon featured in GTA Online as part of the Doomsday Heist update. It is one of the best pistols in the game with the ability to pack an amazing punch.

Compared to the default Heavy revolver, it deals +25% damage per shot (200 instead of 160) and shoots about 50% faster (it is used in double-action mode as opposed to single-action) , due to which its loss output is almost double.

4. Assault Shotgun

If a situation calls for a shotgun, such as a biker mission when you storm a police station to free a VIP, why not bring a fully automatic shotgun with a drum magazine? It only makes sense to associate power with a high rate of fire and a full gaggle of shotgun shells at the ready.

This is the primary premise of the Assault Shotgun – an absolute beast of a weapon that is arguably one of the better shotguns in the game. Sure, some pump-action shotguns offer better accuracy. But they don’t spread shotgun hate when you hold down your mouse button.

5. Homing Launcher

Is a Hydra Ruining Your Day? Are you chased by a buzzard at every turn? Ammu-Nation offers a solution, and the privilege of decimating an airborne threat in style will only cost you a modest amount. The homing launcher fires infrared and guided missiles that are capable of eliminating any airborne threat.

You can lock on to vehicles like an oncoming APC or Banshee 900R, then set it on fire and forget. The missile splashes through the air and, should all be well, knock that vehicle down with a peg or two. You only have one rocket to land a hit, which has 10 reserves. The reload time is long, so try to make your first shot last.

The best part about Homing Launcher is that it is available at rank 1, making it highly accessible to all.

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