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5 Best One-Off Fighting Games

Fighting games have played an integral role in the time of video games. They allow online players to beat each other in pulp, friends to compete until the early hours of the morning, and video game players to test their skills against AI.

Since there are so many titles, we wanted to find the best fighting game. However, it’s not as easy as simply looking at a positive review or seeing what every critic likes.

No, we had to see which games performed the best. Along with that, we wanted to see which games offer the best content and which ones appeal to gamers.

1. Killer Instinct

Another famous franchise that started a long time ago, Killer Instinct also got the title of a PC. There are also people who prefer this franchise over Street Fighter, be it because of the characters, the gameplay style, or because it offers a great online multiplayer experience.

It’s a fairly easy game to understand, and it bridges the gap between newcomers and veterans, but it still has limits that reward skilled players.

2. Fantasy Strike

Execution constraints are a real issue for players who want to experience the thrill of a fighting game but don’t have the time, patience or even dexterity to learn how to hit Dragon Punch speed reliably.

That’s where a game like Fantasy Strike comes into play, which uses simple inputs and a block-based health system to make Fantasy Strike, and the latter fighting the game as a whole, much easier to understand. If it doesn’t sound great already, the game is free to play and features in-depth video tutorials to help new players understand the roster.

Instead of using quarter circle input or other motions for special moves, Fantasy Strike maps its special inputs to just regular button and direction inputs, similar to Super Smash Bros. To counteract this, special moves rely on a cooldown timer, ensuring that players can’t just spam a single button and hope for the best.

Veterans might consider Fantasy Strike to be somewhat basic when it comes to the broader fighting game pantheon, and it’s not the most popular fighting game ever, but there are few games better for new players than Fantasy Strike.

3. The King of Fighters XV

The Kings of Fighters franchise is traditionally famous for its three-on-three fighting battles. Thankfully, the latest The King of Fighters XV doesn’t disappoint. Re-introducing heroes and villains killed in previous games, the game boasts an excellent 39 playable character roster selection.

So it is up to you to choose your best pick and challenge yourself in the race to become the best fighting champion in the world. Feel free to team up with other players who will stand by you and, the franchise says, help you break all expectations!

The franchise is also not lagging behind in taking forward the look and feel of the game. So it provides a captivating and satisfying gaming experience. Whether you are playing it online or offline, you are always looking forward to the next gaming session. You can also see past installments in the franchise’s fifteen mainline titles, if at least, to reminisce on the game’s past moments.

4. Street Fighter V

This is a game that has an interesting history behind it. It had a problematic start, and it was the most hated Street Fighter game ever. In the end, Street Fighter V became one of the best games in the franchise. Unfortunately, it was not able to remove the bad effect caused earlier.

Even though players hated it at first, the team behind Street Fighter V had nothing but love for the game. It took them some time and three years to work, but they were eventually able to deliver a majestic fighting game.

Street Fighter V became one of the most fun and balanced fighting games. It now has a total of 46 characters, and the game introduced new mechanics, free updates, and several patches that made it a lot better than it once was. To be honest, it’s amazing to see that the team once allowed the game to work the way it wanted.

5. Tekken 7

Tekken is a giant in the fighting game industry, especially Tekken 7. The franchise remains relevant in a genre that’s almost dead, which is already pretty impressive. Not only that, Tekken is now one of the most recognizable names in all fighting games.

This footsie-based, grounded game is one of those that is easy to play but hard to master. Mashing buttons will do random cool things to your characters, but knowing the game will stop any button mashing. This is probably why Tekken has attracted so many casuals and sold so many copies. Frankly, it’s very easy to press a few buttons and have fun playing this game.

Apart from all this, Tekken 7 is one of the few fighting games that managed to sell copies due to its story mode. The only other fighting game that does this is Mortal Kombat. There’s something interesting here for casuals, people who dislike multiplayer, and competitive players.

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