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5 best Minecraft 1.19 building mods

Construction in Minecraft refers to a player’s skill and creativity. All builds can be greatly improved with the right mods. Fortunately, the game’s community has released tons of mods for that exact purpose, and many of them can produce really impressive results.

When starting your modding journey in Minecraft 1.19, there can be a lot of mods to choose from. However, some of the best mods have stood the test of time when it comes to construction, and they’re as great a starting point as The Wild Update.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Mods

All mods on this list only work on the Minecraft Java version. We have selected and tested every mod that improves existing and new features of Minecraft 1.19. But no particular mod, regardless of its position on the list, is better than any other mod. You can use the table below to find out the mods that pique your interest.

1. Technopig Mod

Following in the footsteps of Minecraft developer Mojang, this mod pays tribute to YouTuber Technoblade, who we recently lost to cancer. This mod only adds a pig with a crown to the game.

For it to appear, you just have to use a nametag to name the in-game pig “Technoblade”. The mod is simple and subtle, yet adds a lasting tribute to one of the best players the Minecraft community has ever seen.

2. Dimensional Dungeons

One thing that players have been eagerly waiting for is a new dimension in Minecraft. We can’t say for sure when the new dimension will come or what the next dimension might be, but this mode allows us to bring our imagination to life.

It adds a new dungeon dimension to the game, which has its own structures, loot and gameplay restrictions. You even have to build a Nether Portal-like structure to enter it.

3. OptiFine

Among other things, the OptiFine mod improves graphics (image via Mojang)

OptiFine is one of the most used mods of all time. Almost all Java users already have this mod installed and it is very widely used.

It’s highly customizable, allowing gamers to set it up exactly how they want it with settings customized to their liking and capabilities of their computer.

OptiFine Mod mainly only changes the aesthetics of Minecraft. It is often used to improve the look of the game, which is why it is used so often.

It also has FPS boosting properties which make it most useful for all gamers.

4. Corail Tombstone

You must have heard of this mod, because Corel Tombstone is a minecraft mod that will make dying in the game a much less stressful situation.

Usually, when you die in the game, all your belongings are scattered all over the area. This can be a very serious problem when in some inaccessible places like the sea and the bottom. For example, your belongings can easily get lost in the depths of the ocean or in a burning fire.

But with this mod, every time you die, a gravestone will appear at the place of your death. This 1×1 gravestone will keep your items from being dismantled.

The mod offers many more features, such as a custom perk system, magic system, and decorative graves. It is deeper than it seems.

5. Better Animals Plus

Do minecraft vanilla animals bore you? They’re not special at all, and there’s only a small number of them that barely even expand. If all this bothers you, Better Animals Plus is a mod you should download.

This minecraft mod adds over 35 unique animals to the main game. They are all very detailed, and their designs match with the basic style of Minecraft. This mod gradually expands Minecraft’s wildlife into what it should be.

Some are remasters of mobs that already exist in the game, and a plethora of new animals can appear in each biome in the game.

But, one thing to note is that this mod cannot run without installing Architecture, an API mod that makes up Better Animals Plus.

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